Black – Fashion Constant


When in doubt wear black, you can never go wrong with this color. Trends may change consistently but one thing which remains perennial is the color black. Black is a stupendous color, associated with different moods and situations. It is one color which can make you look hot as well as sophisticated. Black is a preferred color for most of us and especially for women who are on a heavier side as it makes them look slimmer. The true power of black can only be manifested, if it is carried correctly.

In this article we will see how to look perfect in black:


black outfit


How to look slim in black?

Remember one thing it is not just the color which make you look slim. It is the way you carry it. If you wear a tight black dress it will make you appear larger.  Wear the right size; don’t squeeze yourself in smaller size.Try avoiding black hose, if you don’t want to draw attention to the shape of your leg. If you are going for printed black dress, look for small prints. Dresses with larger designs will enlarge the shape of your body.


Choose the right jewelry:

Combine your black outfit with metallic jewelry like a pair of earrings, necklace or a bracelet. Gold jewelry also looks interesting. This contrast color combination gives you an elegant look. You can also go for a chunky beaded necklace which will enhance the look of your black dress. If you want a sober and cool look, choose silver jewelry. If you are looking for minimal jewelry option then a pair of chandelier earrings will work wonders.


Color combination with black:

If you think a black top is not flattering. Then you can wear a light shade top and keep your skirt, jacket or pants black. There are boundless option when it comes to mix and match with black color.


Material for the black outfit:

Cotton tends to fade as time passes and black looks really dull when worn faded. As black is a dark color, it gets noticed easily when faded. Wool colors create deeper and richer blacks. There is no tension of fading. Suits, skirts and sweaters look classy in woolen fabrics.


How to prevent fading?

Black color should be laundered in cold water to avoid fading. You can add a cup of vinegar while washing to keep the color intact. You can also dry clean your black outfits, to keep it fresh for a longer time.


Accessorize to look more elegant:

Personalize you black outfit with a snazzy purse, stylish pair of footwear, glittery jewelry and a perfect hair- do to create a unique style statement. You can spice it up with a jazzy belt or a thick medieval looking belt. If you are opting for a business look then accessorize your suit with a classy watch and formal footwear.


Black is not back , it is here to stay.






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