Bestselling Novels of All Times

Reading is a hobby that most of us dream to possess. But, many of us are unable to sit back for long hours and read a book. So, to inculcate this habit and shoo away this demon of ‘boredom’, listed down is a list of bestselling novels of all times, which are bound to grab your attention so much so that you would just want to sit back and flip through the pages of the book until it is over.

A TALE OF TWO CITIES: The most talked about bestseller till date is “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. The story is intricately set during the time of French Revolution in London and Paris. Primarily depicting what the French peasants went through by virtue of grave demoralisation under French aristocracy, this great piece of fictional literature has till now sold over 200 million copies. A book you would be proud to own!

THE LITTLE PRINCE: Voted as the best book of 20th century France, “The Little Prince” earned a breathtaking hall of fame all across the global village, proof courtesy, the sales running over a 200 million. A distinguished work of a French aristocrat writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “The Little Prince” makes numerous philosophical and idealistic annotations about life and human nature.  It is just superficially regarded as a children’s book.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: It is undoubtedly a superb fantasy epic, written by a very sought after Oxford Professor, J.R.R. Jolkein. The novella title refers to the antagonist of this piece of work, the Dark Lord Sauron. He creates a unique ring to rule the rest of the ‘Rings of Power’ with the conspiring objective of ruling the entire Middle Earth. A must read, indeed! It gained an extensive popularity very soon post it came in the market.

THE HOBBIT: Also famously known as ‘There and Back Again’, it is a captivating children’s fantasy book, again by honourable J.R.R. Jolkein. Awarded for the ‘best juvenile fiction’, “The Hobbit” is considered one of the most amazing classics even now. Narrated as an episodic quest, Jolkein’s Wilder land’s creatures keep cropping up throughout the novel in variant episodes. Its climax surprisingly re-emerges these creatures in the Battle of Five Armies. It’s great fun!

DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER: Categorised under the China’s Four Great Classical Novels, it is also popularly known as “The Story of the Stone”. Virtually counted as a semi-autobiography, it is not only renowned for its myriad characters and strategy of psychological penetration, but also for an intricate reflection of life and social structures prevalent in Chinese aristocracy of 18th century.

AND THEN THERE WERE NONE: It is one of the most well written detective fiction novellas; though its name had to be changed twice because of some controversy that claimed it to have a racist title initially. “And Then There Were None” is a wonder creation of Agatha Christie; she has marvellously portrayed ten people who’ve been initially complicit in others’ deaths but somehow escaped. Fortunately or unfortunately, they got tricked for coming onto an island. Subsequently, murders follow in a row and then the twists. Relive the curiosity by grabbing hold of it as soon as possible!



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