Best Restaurants in Hyderabad

Right from the vegetarian thali to Hyderabadi biryani, Hyderabad has some amazing chains of food restaurants which are worth a try. Be it Mughlai, Chinese, or Indian cuisine, this city has surely got some heartwarming and delicious food serving restaurants. Here are some restaurants best reviewed and serves some of the best food items in town.

1. CHUTNEYS: Serves the best vegetarian food in the city. A crowded place strictly for vegetarians, it serves variety of chutneys amazing people who have probably seen two or three kinds of it till date. Also, if you are hungry for some sumptuous South Indian meal or thali, this place will not put you down. Without a doubt, it is the best place where vegetarians can enjoy their food in fair prices.

2. ANGEETHI: Want a peaceful and great ambience, Angeethi is the indeed the right place. With a 5 star rated ambience and service, the wee bit expensive prices are worth the excellent and amazing food they have to offer. Also, the quantity they provide is enough to last an enjoyable awesome meal Any event or occasion, their quality of food is definitely the show stealer!

3. ZAFRAAN NIRVANA: Also known as the perfect date spot, this place holds value for its quality food and ambience. It offers Spanish, French, Lebanese, Indian and continental cuisines which would get you floored. The best dishes to be reviewed are the mushroom starters in the continental section. A nice private place where people can enjoy, it offers amazing deserts to complete your meal.

4. PARADISE: One of the busiest restaurants in the city, if you really want to get a feel of the Hyderabadi biryani, then there is no missing this restaurant out. Famous for its delicious and yummy biryani, it serves some mouth watering kebabs and has streaming customers all throughout, irrespective of weekends of weekdays.

5. BARBEQUE NATION: This place serves some of the exquisite drinks and amazing barbequed kebabs. Famous for the variety of kebabs this restaurant has to offer, the prices might pinch you a bit in the pocket, but all the dishes they serve are surely lip smacking. The buffet spread is always delicious and fills your stomach, leaving you contented and happy.

6. BLUE FOX: The quality service is excellent here. A multi cuisine restaurant, the starters and the biryani are seriously worth a try. Yes, special mention of the butter nans, they are mouth watering. One would feel quite comfortable and at ease, enjoying the pleasant ambience.  You cannot resist yourself to visit that place a second time!

7. OUR PLACE: A good example of a great outdoor ambience right in the heart of the city. It has superb and classy ambience, and a perfect choice to have an evening dinner with your loved ones. The masala papads and vegetarian starters are amazing. This place not only boats of their delicious food, but also perfectly caters to family get-togethers, parties or a private dinner.

8. SIGREE: A complete North Indian restaurant, it is best known for its delectable kebabs, biryani & an army of courteous, polite staff. The buffet spread here is amazing, though a little expensive, but yes worth the quality of dishes served. Quality food and a quick service courteous staff just makes Sigree the right place for a comfortable and pleasant dining.




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