Best Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is one such city that is global in itself! It has a plethora of cultures that thrive seamlessly in one of the world’s best cities! Dubai also promises a variety of cuisines and sumptuous delights in each of its restaurants that provide a mix of the best from around the world. There are beautiful luxury hotels in Dubai and some of the best restaurants can be found in those. Endowed with Michelin stars, these restaurants sure know how to whip up an extravaganza!

1. Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire

Location: InterContinental Dubai Festival City

Celebrity chef Pierre Gagnaire has set up this gold standard of excellence at his restaurant, Reflets. The banquettes reach the ceiling and the plush, purple carpets give you a cushioned walk as you enter. One of the most sophisticated restaurants in Dubai, Reflets is also very unique in terms of its style and menu. It’s almost like a fairy tale coming to life! Chef Gagnaire has created such a menu that delights multiple senses at once. For those who like the unexpected in their food, this is the place you want to be in!

2. BiCE

Location: Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, Dubai Marina

Are you a fan of contemporary Italian cuisine? If yes, BiCE will give you an experience that you will probably never be able to forget! Hilton Jumeirah is synonymous with elegance and luxury and secreted away from its main area is BiCE. This used to be home to Beatrice Ruggini, a woman whose family traditions inspired the cuisine of this authentic Italian eatery. This place is sure to give you a very homely feel also. Every pizza served will possess THAT Italian quality for which it might even be mistaken for a pie but still be delectable as pizzas are otherwise!

3. Nobu

Location: Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah

Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has already expanded his culinary empire with Robert de Niro around the globe. This is one his best restaurants that serves gourmet sushi as its prime dish. Those who have eaten at Nobu in other countries will be familiar with the interiors. This one too has the same rich, beautifully layered interiors that complement Japan’s food speciality with its own identity. Welcome to the perfect mixture of space, design and of course, food!

4. Dhow ka Aangan

Location: Dhow Palace Hotel

Located in the historic district of Dubai, Bur Dubai, this restaurant has many popular sights and attractions. The hotel derives its name from the traditional means of crossing the Gulf Sea. Dhow ka Aangan represents all the traditional tastes of India to contemporary food lovers. The dishes have the spices of India layered in their curries and textures and apart from specialities from all the corners of India of course. Corporate dining of family dinners – this place is perfect for all occasions! This is surely that place where the finest Indian cuisine in the city is served.

5. Ronda Locatelli

Location: Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah

This restaurant has been named after Chef Giorgio Locatelli and the impressive wood-burning oven that forms the centrepiece of this hotel. This cuisine celebrates the kitchen of the countryside in Italy. It is not a casual dining place and nor is it very traditional. From the hearth of the fire come delicious breads and pizzas that are served right on your table. The servers are charming and will make you feel comfortable. Whether it be fillet, bread, pizza or anything else – all food is served just the way it should be at Ronda Locatelli. This restaurant is highly recommended and venerated.



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