Best Perfumes for Women

Women have an old connection with perfumes. They don’t care when it comes to spending time and money on perfumes. They just wanna smell the best. Perfumes for women come in different fragrances. They could be fruity, sexy, sober and peppy. A lot adds up to the list of fragrances. Here’s a list of certain perfumes women would like to treat themselves with. The budget varies from 1000 INR to 10,000 INR.

  • Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

It’s a mixture of different notes like bergamot, lavender, orchid and mandarin which results into a nice fragrance. It is affordable and suitable for daytime events including office also. It’s a lovely perfume which is a desirable one.

Price- $68.00

  • Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

For all those women who don’t like overpowering perfumes then this is surely the best one. It’s a light fragrance that makes the atmosphere happy and smiling. A recommended summer wear.


  • Pink Sugar by Aquolina

A feminine perfume that is fun, innocent and flirty. It has a long lasting fragrance. It has a mixture of awesome perfume notes like musk, cotton candy, strawberry, vanilla, Lilly of the valley and more. It is suggested best for young girls.

Price- $59.00

  • Euphoria by Calvin Klein

One of the best perfumes by the best designer Calvin Klein. Euphoria is a sexy, mysterious and sophisticated woman’s wear. For all those who like a little strong ones & best at night.

Price- $75.00

  • Juicy Couture

A little expensive but definitely for fun and fruity chicks.  Juicy Couture is not a light fragrance, so be aware. Suitable for all ages. It comes in a very pretty feminine bottle and adds up to the gift factor.


  • Obsession

One of the old perfumes yet most considered. Obsession is much more sophisticated, bold and sensual. It contains a mix of complex perfume notes. From a strong fragrance it transforms into a soft and mild one. Every young lady s obsessed with obsession!


  • Hypnose by Lancôme

It’s like a perfume sitting in a mansion bedroom. Hypnose would be perfect to wear in spring. You’ll receive lots of compliments wearing this woman’s perfume.


  • Safari by Ralph Lauren

An excellent daytime woman’s perfume. Yet special for occasions or a special date night. Has the best combination of perfume notes.


  • Beautiful by Estee Lauder

A mix of citrus, juicy peach, plum and jasmine fragrances. If you prefer floral perfumes then this is the best fit in your list. It is recommended for women and not young ladies.



  • 212 Sexy

Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy perfume is one of the top woman’s perfumes. It has an interesting combination of perfume notes. A romantic wear that gets you the right kind of attention


  • Romance by Ralph Lauren

A very feminine perfume with fresh rose, marigold, musk as the perfume notes. A perfect wear for the evening.





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