Best Perfumes for Men

How do you make someone notice you without talking or even looking at them? The answer is simple – wear a really good fragrance! That’s true – the kinds of perfumes you choose speak volumes about you. If you are not a member of the fairer sex, it’s imperative for you to strike a good impression with them, yes? Here are a few scents you can try.

1. 212 Men by Carolina Herrera (Rs. 3,900)

This perfume is perfect for almost all occasions. The smell is not fruity or overpowering. It’s a very subtle fragrance that definitely stands out. It’s young and sophisticated and gives you that stylish edge you need. All young professionals should wear this cologne and this would be a good choice even if you are appearing for a job interview or attending any other important meeting. If you want to strike a good impression even before you start talking, this perfume will do the job!

2. Chrome by Azzaro (Rs. 3600)

This colour of this fragrance has been inspired by the infusion of water and sky. The perfume was inspired by the relationship that Loris Azzaro shared with his grandson. Therefore, this scent is dedicated to pure, authentic moments. It propagates values of sharing and of feelings handed down from father to son. It pays tribute to the unshakeable ties that hold the two together and celebrates the joys of being a family. This perfume would be perfect for any parties that you might be hosting with your family in your own house. For cozy dinners, small gatherings and just a quiet evening with a loved one, this perfume is perfect.

3. Aqva Pour Homme by Bvlgari (Rs. 5490)

Are you a lover of water? If yes, you will yearn to carry this scent all around with you; on you! The scent is synonymous to water and gives you a refreshingly fresh feel. It is made of a blend of amber, santolina, petit grain, posidonia and mandarin. This is a very stylish and even seductive scent. Bring all eyes upon you with this enticing fragrance!

4. Allure Homme by Chanel (Rs. 7816)

If you find that all the other fragrances are either too manly or too strong, this one is perfect for you. It has the magic of fruit in it and is perfect for a day in the outdoors because it makes you smell clean and refreshing! Its scent possesses a blend of soft sweet spices, orange flowers as well as fresh citrus, melons, peaches and plums. This is THE perfume for you if you want to exude freshness to everyone that surrounds you. Prevent those days when you feel utterly sleepy – well a little bit of Allure and feel fresh as a fiddle!

5. Code by Giorgio Armani (Rs. 6000)

In one word, this perfume can only be described as exotic. It possesses a blend of lemon, bergamot, aromatic Mediterranean notes, tonka bean, exotic wood and the pure natural flavours! It is perfect for a vacation or even a short holiday with friends or family. If you want to give yourself an extremely earthy feel, this one is for you!




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