Best Mobile Applications for Students

mobile appsThe use of smart phones is increasing rapidly. Smart phones have proved to be very handy for college students who face lots of stress in academics. The applications offered by smart phones are taking over the stress and pressure faced by students. These applications are designed to make difficult operations effortless. Such applications are receiving a good response from students.

Mobile applications help students in saving the time they spend on long calculations and assignments. This time can be utilized by students to involve themselves in sports, extra-curricular activities and extra hours for studying.

Real Calc: HP and Texas scientific calculators are generally recommended to college students. Real Calc is a free mobile application. It is like a scientific calculator in the mobile. It can perform all the operations that are expected from a scientific calculator faster than a Texas or HP calculator.

Few features of Real Calc are trigonometric ratios, Square and cubes, Factorials, Permutations and Combinations and Basic Algebraic operations. Real Calc also has a multi-purpose unit convertor. It allows students to carry out conversions like mph to km ph in a fraction of a second. The platform for this application is Android Operating system.

My Homework: These days, students find it difficult to complete their homework and assignments on time. With the point of view of academics, it is important to present complete assignments on time.

My Homework is a very effective application when it comes to assignments. It keeps a track of all the assignments a student has to complete. It also maintains a schedule of the classes, projects and tests. It also notifies the user if he has late, pending or upcoming assignments or project work.

This application minimizes the use of papers and diaries. The platform for this application is Apple operating system.

Evernote: Evernote is a widely used application by students as well as working people. Evernote is an application which is mainly designed for taking down notes. This saves the efforts put in by the students in writing on paper. It also performs mobile and web synchronization. It is easier to take down notes using Evernote as it is user-friendly. Besides, it also has a text prediction option which will notify the user when he makes a spelling or grammatical mistake. It also corrects the mistake for the user. The most exciting feature of this application is ‘Evernote trunk’

Evernote was designed by apple. But now it runs on platforms like BlackBerry operating system, Apple operating system, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm Pre.
Such beautifully engineered applications are very useful in academics and they can make work a lot simpler.



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