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The world of television has tremendously evolved ever since 1884, when the first sign of something that looked like a TV was seen. From a normal TV set which was merely used to watch cable, we have moved on to an era where we can easily access internet on our TVs.

An LED-backlit LCD display is a flat panel display that uses LED backlighting instead of the regular cold cathode (CCFL) backlighting used in most other LCDs. This allows for a thinner panel, lower power consumption, better heat dissipation, a brighter display, and better contrast levels.

Here are some of the best LED TVs which would prove to be a good investment:

Sony NSX-40GT1: Priced at $764.00 this 40-inch internet TV allows you to watch TV, view the internet and use apps similar to those on a smart phone. You can have two windows open on your television screen at one time. The Google TV also provides you with full browsing capabilities, so you’re not restricted to a set amount of sites you can visit. One thing to keep in mind with this internet TV is that it doesn’t support Adobe Flash player for video content. The Sony remote has a QWERTY keyboard that makes navigation easy.

LG 42LV5500: Priced at $1,099.99 this web-ready HDTV allows you to watch your favourite shows, browse the internet and play games all from the convenience of your TV. This smart tv also comes with apps and the ability to add additional apps, allowing you to customize your internet TV with the programming, music and games you enjoy most. It comes with component, composite and HDMI inputs and great customer service to make the setup process simple and quick. The LED screen on this internet TV is perfect for rooms that have a lot of ambient light. The high resolution and low response time makes your picture clear and crisp.

Mitsubishi LT55265: Priced at $2,407.14 it has a 55-inch screen and an incredible arrangement of pseudo surround-sound speakers in the screen bezel. These speakers are arranged in a straight line along the bottom of the screen, and are angled so that they create a sort of virtual surround sound by sending sound at the viewers from different angles. There are a total of 18 powered speakers embedded in the bezel, which is a number that is orders of magnitude greater than any other LED-backlit TV that we have ever seen. Even with this massive number of speakers, this TV consumes less power than many of the other devices on our lineup.

Samsung UN40D6000SF: Priced at $727.99 this LED tv offers hundreds of apps and an integrated search feature to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. The apps appear on your internet TV the same way they would on your computer. Since you can also include this device on your LAN, you can access information from any electronics that are part of your network.

VIZIO M420SV: Priced at $749.99 this is a standard HDTV with additional internet abilities. You can access approximately 80 apps on your TV.  The QWERTY keyboard and universal remote makes it easy to manoeuvre from app to TV. The remote also comes with gaming controls, so you can use one remote and put the others aside. You can also access files from your other electronics that are connected to your LAN.

Panasonic TC-L42E30: Priced at $999.99 this device offers a nice TV, along with some internet apps. You won’t have a full browser, but you do have access to Viera Connect Market, which is Panasonic’s app store. The TV remote’s primary function is for the TV, lacking convenient internet features. You can search your internet TV, LAN and internet apps, but you have to do so separately.

Toshiba 42TL515U: Priced at $749.99 Toshiba’s internet TV comes with 3D capabilities and some internet apps. Due to the absence of an app store and a full browser you’ll only be able to access the original apps. The TV remote is made for TV use, not internet accessibility.

Philips 40PFL5705D/F7: Priced at $590.99 this comes with three preinstalled apps. Although the remote isn’t all that handy, it can still help you find the programs and files in which you’re interested.

Coby LEDTV5526: Priced at $1,180.25 this 55-inch TV might not be the best option to buy but due to some of its features it would still be a sensible investment.

JVC JLE47BC3001: Priced at $1,199.99 is an efficient LED TV. It has a low power consumption feature and a decently big screen size. Although the image quality is pleasing a few shortcomings in its specifications made it rank lower in the line-up.



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