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According to a very famous adage, there is no age for learning. Learning never stops. There is always something that one can be enlightened about. And, what can be a better source than internet. Internet is flooded with educational websites today. The only need of the hour is to give birth to an offspring called “the urge of learning”. Internet is indeed a revolution in the field of education.

Let us take a look over some top educational websites:
Home school education is what this site basically focuses on. With automated ready to use tools, interactive videos and integrated slide shows, this educational website is an instant tool for teaching toddlers as well as for self study.

Children have always enjoyed a blend of education with fun and play. Room 108 is therefore a perfect educational website to meet the creative ends of your child. Graphical user interface further helps effective honing of skills and subsequently efficient results.

Britannica is equivalent to an educational brand which sells only by its name. In regard to the same, has delved into the world of internet. It helps kids play around every possible subject with a sense of curiosity. Indeed, power is inherent to ideology!

From information pertaining to entrances such as TOEFL, SAT and alike to Pictionary and colouring pages; everything is served in a golden platter at Furthermore, it has also been stated as one of the best sites in United Kingdom.

With every detailing in the form of video presentations, is truly a genius producing website for children between the age of 6 and 12. Majorly focusing on subjects of Maths and Science, is pretty much a positive captivator for kids to keep them entangled between their lessons and studies.

Practical learning has always proved to have a greater impact and better results in comparison to theoretical learning. Taking into consideration the same, stands top on the pedestal with interactive videos on various categories like, Engineering and Technology, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Art and Music, Health and so on.

Who said textbook knowledge is enough? Merely being bookworms or only being aware of what’s in books doesn’t help much in this era of cut-throat competition. Everything else you thereby need to know is best available on With a stupendous narration, the videos are truly world-best and cent percent knowledge gaining.

8. is an ultimate portal to quench all your thirst for knowledge. Your quest for almost every possible question will come to an end the moment you research through not only that, all your nested questions will also be sufficiently answered by this thought-provoking educational website called

So, the next time you are on your journey to education and learning, browse through the above to make your trip more worthwhile and fruitful. It goes without saying that your journey end would turn out to be a rather new beginning towards more enlightenment.




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  1. Wow! Liked Brainpop & real worthy for my school going kids. Thanks for suggestions. It is really helpful.Earlier I used to waste lot of time for relevant vidoes for my kids, but with the above sites, it is really easy.

  2. I’m glad it served your purpose and saved you from future botheration. :)
    Exposing kids to educational websites is more of an inevitability these days when it comes to smart learning.
    Thank You for liking it! :)
    Keep posted!

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