Best Cardio Exercises

Cardio is very important in our lives as it is helpful for losing weight, building muscle and improving health. There are a number cardio exercises that can be done by us and not all of them require expensive and fancy equipment.  Here are some Cardio Exercises for weight loss that do not require any equipment: –

1. Running or Walking – Running or walking is the best cardio exercises as they can pretty much be done everywhere and they do not cost you anything at all. Running burns quite a lot of calories but if Running hurts your knees and you cannot run, then you should walk for a longer time.

2. Jumping rope – We used to play jump rope as kids and I’m sure we all can try doing them again. Jumping rope is a great cardio exercise and it is very good for weight loss as well.

3. Pushups – Pushups are a great way to build some muscles as well as lose some weight.

4. Leg lifts – These are the best work out for legs and thighs.

5. Crunches – crunches are the best exercise for abdominal muscles and weight loss in the belly area.

6. Jogging in Place – Jogging in place is a great way to lose weight and it can be done anywhere. You can exercise while watching TV or listening to music.

7. Squats – Squats are great workouts for legs and they can be performed anywhere. If you find doing squats difficult then you can start by doing only a few and increasing them later on.

8. Core Rows – These are also known as Renegade Rows. To these you will need a pair of dumbbells while you are in the push up position. Keep your hips steady and bring one arm up at a time and then do a full push up.

9. Burpees – This is a very good cardio exercise as you are working on multiple muscle groups at the same time. You start with hands on your hips, squat down until hand touch the floor, push you feet back and get in push up position. Bring them back fast and hop up in the air.

10. Walking lunges – this exercise starts with your hand behind your head. Take big steps and as you do lower your back knee and take another step.

11. Mountain Climber – start in the push up position and keep one knee under your stomach. As you take that knee back bring the other close under your stomach again. Keep going at it.




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