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Once you buy an Android based smart phone you are going to need to get more familiar with the Android environment and get to know your phone better. There are many apps that you can download either for free or for small amount of money. But you will surely many apps to make your Android cell phone more user-friendly, simpler and entertaining. Here are the best Android apps that you can download from the Android Market on your mobile.

1. Best Automation Apps –

  • JuiceDefender: This app will increase Android phone’s battery life.
  • Llama – Location Profiles: This is an automation utility.
  • Silent Time Pro: This app will keep your mobile on silent according to a sc edule given by you.
  • Sanity: This app filters calls, announces callers name by audio and records all your calls. It can even answer calls automatically.
  • Tasker: This app is a task management utility.

2. Best Communication Apps –

  • chompSMS: This app is a less expensive alternative for SMS services.
  • Gmail Label Notifier: This app notifies you on your mobile about your new emails.
  • Skype: Skype is an essential for long distance calls.
  • This app works with all accounts such as skype, facebook, Gtalk, MSM, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, Myspace.

3. Best Reading Apps –

  • AnkiDroid flashcards: This app is great application for reading purposes.
  • Wapedia: This app is like wikipedia’s mobile app.
  • Aldiko Book Reader: This app is customizable book reader in which you can purchase books.
  • Kindle: This app will give you a great reading experience.

4. Home Screen Apps and Widgets –

  • Beautiful Widgets: with this app you can check the weather and time in a great environment.
  • WeatherBug: You can check the weather with this app at any place in the world.
  • WP Clock: This app offers wallpaper with time, date and battery and Wi-Fi network.

5. Android Games –

  • Alchemy: In this game you can drag and drop various elements and create new combinations
  • Angry Birds: Angry Birds is probably the most popular and well known game for smart phones.
  • Chalk Ball lite
  • Gamve Dev Story
  • Flood it
  • Jet Car Stunts lite
  • Roll It
  • Wordfeud Free
  • Android Sudoku
  • Fruit Slice
  • Stair Dismount

6. Health and Fitness Apps-

  • Endomondo: This is a social sports training app in which you can compete against your friends.
  • Gentle Alarm: This is one of the best alarm clocks for Android smart phones

7. Productivity Apps –

  • Astrid Task: This is a To-do list manager app
  • Barcode Scanner: with this app you can find out the prices by scanning them.
  • Dropbox: This app does not need continuous sync and it lets you reach your files when required.
  • Google Docs: you can edit your documents with this app.



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