Benefits of SAP HANA


SAP HANA is High Performance analytical tool. Basically, it is a function that operates in- memory database mechanics that supports the processing of enormous volume of actual-time data in short span. The in-memory computing engine grant SAP HANA to measure data gathered in RAM.

SAP HANA assists to unite ERP, CRM and SCM these SAP systems, and combine these establishments with advance network applications.

SAP HANA is available in two forms of deployment:

  • On-Premise
  • Cloud

SAP HANA for on-Premise Platform:  

On-Premise environment is set up within an organization; applications and database are installed internally on separate machines. Mostly, on-Premise platform choose pre-configured hardware and infrastructure.  Advantages of this form of deployments are:

  • Reduced cost and risk
  • Increased Flexibility and control

SAP HANA for Cloud Platform:  

Cloud environment allows you to access your data from any corner of the world via internet connection using any network device such as smart phones, tablet, laptops or desktops. Cloud environment purveyor’s such as Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon cloud help to boost internet usability by storing enormous data in cloud system. Advantages of this form of deployments are:

  • Reliable hosting environment.
  • Fast execution
  • No hardware installation
  • Flexible scalability

SAP HANA can be deployed on premise for utmost control, in the cloud for fast span. These options which are available for two forms of deployment fits your business needs, budget, and resources.



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