Benefits of massage

When your head is throbbing with pain, your body and mind refuse to work anymore and your body and soul strive for some rest and peace, it is a clear indication that your body needs a rejuvenating massage in order to revitalise you senses. The present times of tough competition and demand for extraordinary work, has compelled us to work diligently and tremendously throughout the day which is bound to give birth to stress, tension, and fatigue. So, in order to relax our body from the routine stress and strain, we must treat our body with massage therapies, on regular basis, which can be very effective in maintaining our health, physically as well as mentally.

There are around 80 different types of massage therapies that you can choose from. Some of them are acupressure, ayurvedic, hilot, mobile, Meso-American, stone, Thai, Traditional Chinese etc.  These different massage therapies use different products, equipment as well as different techniques/methods to massage your body. You can find out which suits your body the most and can avail it on a regular basis to help you offload your stress and work pressure.

Why is it necessary to delight your body with massage? Simply because, it takes care of your physical mental and emotional well-being, in many ways like:

  • Massage reduces muscle tension and rigidity, thus relieving us from muscular pain.
  • Rapid blood circulation is triggered with systematic massaging, which increases the speed of the blood flow in our nervous system and the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen increases exponentially. This helps in minimising swelling and shoots up the healing power of our body. This makes us feel fresh and vigorous.
  • Better circulation of blood which is elicited by massaging also helps in better functioning of the heart by decreasing burden on it.
  • Soft massaging techniques relax our nervous system but ridding them of any tension or strain.
  • Energetic and vigorous massaging techniques help in increasing the proficiency of lax nerves.
  • Massage therapies liberate the skin of toxins by opening the pores of the skin through perspiration.
  • Abdomen massaging intensifies our resistance power by increasing the adeptness of liver. Even the digestive system’s efficiency to discard off the wastes from the body is aggravated.
  • It eases anxiety and discomposure during pregnancy.
  • Alleviates muscle spasms
  • Scar Tissue formation is controlled
  • Massaging catalyses the healing of sprained ligaments
  • Improves flexibility of your body by massaging your body joints
  • Encourages ease in deeper breathing and alleviates blood circulation as well as movement of lymph fluids.
  • Helps us maintain proper body posture and also takes care of our skin nourishment
  • Helps in controlling blood pressure and relieves headache and eye-strain caused due to extreme mental tension or overburden.
  • Lifts up your mood and helps us emotionally
  • Diminishes the level of anxiety
  • Gives mental peace and calms us down
  • Induces a an eternal joyful feeling
  • Takes you through an ethereal experience and fosters trance emotion in you
  • An overall feeling of calm, cool and well- being is spawned within our body and soul



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