Benefits of Drinking Beer

Everybody would love a glass of chilled beer once in a while. Beer is one of the best drinks that one can enjoy as it very beneficial to the body and a person’s health. But you should remember that everything in excess is bad, which is why you should drink beer in moderation.

Here is how beer beneficial to your health: –

Distress – Beer helps reduce stress as it lifts your spirit up and changes your mood while giving you a nice high. Beer refreshes you with the great taste and helps you relax.

Protection from Heart Diseases – Drinking beer moderately helps in reducing the chances of stokes and other diseases to a great extent. Beer contains a dosage of Vitamin B6 in which helps in protection from building amino acid which is also known as homocysteine. High levels of this can make you more susceptible to diseases.

Controlling Diabetes – by drinking beer you can keep your diabetes under control. The vitamin B6 in beer helps the blood sugar to remain under control.

Reducing Cholesterol – by drinking one glass of beer everyday you can reduce hypertension and also keep the cholesterol level in your blood under control.

Insomnia – Beer is a natural sedative and it is quite effective for treating insomnia.

Protection against kidney stones – when calcium gets mixed with salt and other minerals, it turns into kidney stone. Drinking beer protects from calcium deposits helps in preventing kidney stones.

Hair conditioner – Beer is a natural hair conditioner. Beer provides good nutritional value to the hair.try washing your hair with beer for a while. It is quite helpful.

Nutritional value to plants – if you have any leftover beer then you should give to your plants. This helps the plants as it has quite a high nutritional value for them.

Radiation exposure – beer helps in reducing chromosomal damage from radiation exposure.

There are also some disadvantages in drinking beer. But if you drink beer in moderation, it will always remain good for you.



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