Benefits of chai

What do you call a unique blend of tea, milk and spices? The delicious answer is “Chai”. This smooth textured beverage is an all time favourite for almost half the population. A blend of tea with very-many famous spices, milk and honey has been one of the most sought after stress busters, besides being a superb energy drink. It is most often mockingly said that there is hardly anybody on this planet who has not been smothered by the aroma of ‘chai’.

A lot of ‘chai’ drinkers conquered that it is inherent for them to feel an instant pro-activeness post the intake of this excellent virtual addiction namely ‘chai’. And, now comes the best part. The very many benefits of ‘chai’ keep it still on the topmost of people’s ‘crushes’. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? So, let’s explore the ethereal world of ‘chai’ and its myriad benefits.

The only thing you would want to keep in mind is that it essentially depends on the typology of ‘chai’ you’re consuming; and obviously the frequency of intake is a big factor to be considered too.

Traditional chai with an exceptional blend of spices and variations like ginger, nutmeg and cloves, stands proudly at the foremost of the chai typology’s horizontal pedestal. Complemented with milk and honey, the taste further takes a leap. Zeroing down to its advantages, we find that it very effectively works for a lot of medical problems. Some of the same comprise of indigestion, inflammation, and so on. Furthermore, its anti-oxidation properties are well known. Black tea, in fact is known for being the most powerful anti-oxidant.

In addition to the aforementioned, chai is exorbitantly known for fighting back numerous cancer types. It further greatly helps stabilise blood pressure (precisely high B.P.) and maintain cholesterol levels. Next, they may also majorly help bring down exhibits of Alzheimer’s symptoms. Boosting the immune system is ultimately the feather on the hat!

Moreover, all those who insist on brewing up a cup of coffee, “drinking chai” may turn out to be a miraculous beverage for you; a blessing in disguise indeed. The amount of caffeine one consumes in a single coffee mug is humongous. So, to increase your life expectancy, it would surely be a wise decision to switch to ‘chai’ which has minimal levels of caffeine. Escape all risk of insomnia as an additional cherry on the already filling cake!
Wait! Let me give you another reason to get your preference of tea over coffee. The caffeine present in chai works way differently than it does on intake of coffee. It mingles with ‘tannin (tea component)’ that tends to calm your nervous line.

Making granny’s tips and chai benefits interact with each other, we also realise that chai is an instant reliever from flu and pain, courtesy the ingredients like ginger and cloves. Moreover, cloves have antiseptic properties to its name. Cinnamon present in chai entrances you and hugely filter your breathing by virtue of its aroma. And the best, it activates your body with a different level of energy, increasing your presence of mind and vitality.

What are you still thinking??? Switch to this power pack ‘chai’ today!!!



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