Before and after 2nd October

2nd October came and went. The garlands on the framed photos of Gandhi Ji were replaced with the fresh ones. He is remembered, homage is paid, his quotes of non-violence are orated and promises to walk on the roads of Gandhism are made.

The next day, when the sun comes up, we just remember that yesterday was a holiday and today we have to go to school/office. So did anything change?

No, everything is same, like it is before Gandhi Jayanti. So what is the use of celebrating one single day in the name of Gandhi if we forget everything as soon as we enter the next day of our lives. What is the need of it, if before and after the international non-violence day, we act as we acted before. This is really sophomoric to express the gratitude in the name of the day.

We humans are very good at paying tributes and celebrating the  birthday’s of important people but extremely bad in following the ways which they have created for us for the sake of betterment. As an aware citizen, we all know the principles of Gandhism, primarily non-violence and the power of truth but feeble we tried to walk on that path. 2nd of October comes not just to make you remember what our father of nation did for us but also learn from his actions in making this world a peaceful place.

So next Gandhi Jayanti, instead of shedding tears at Rajghat or watching Ben Kingsley in the movie “Gandhi”, try to learn about him and his principles and moreover think about it. If by his supreme motives and actions he made us free, then by continuing his legacy how much far we can take our country.

My fellow countrymen, awake!



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