BAZOOKA : Digital Nuclear Attack


The internet users all over the world must be extremely irked due to the slowest internet speed of all time. The reason behind the slowing down of speed is the biggest cyber attack of history called “Bazooka”. The officials have described the attack as the most powerful attack made on the World Wide Web. The attackers are using Geneva based volunteer group called “Spamhaus” which publishes Spam Blacklists to create the congestion in the cyberspace.

Spamhaus claims that attacks first started in last week when they placed Netherland based web hosting service named “Cyberbunker” on their Blacklist which operates from disused nuclear bunker. The experts’ state that the attacks were carried out by unleashing 300Gbps Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on the Spamhaus putting it offline with the help of “criminal gangs” from Eastern Europe and Russia. Afterwards attackers pretended to be Spamhaus and sent series of data requests to DNS servers which redirect the web traffic around the world. These servers processed all these requests as legitimate and responded to it which then led to congestion of data requests and resulted into the breaking down of ¬†internet.

The legitimate users then experienced slow down of the internet as most of the servers were dealing with requests sent by the attack. The attack made the biggest dent of all the time on the internet which will take around month to recover from it. CloudFlare, the assisting organization in recuperation described the attacks as the digital nuclear bombs. Further it explained that this attack bombards the particular site with traffic and then disrupts it.

As the thousands of DNS servers were under attack from last week the traffic going through the servers is getting congested therefore it is affecting the overall internet speed. No official statement has been issued about how the attack begun and who initialized the attack although the experts have blames Cyber Mafia and mainly Cyberbunker.

It is also said that, Spamhaus was blackmailing ISPs and Carriers without any court orders or legal process over the past few years which encouraged this biggest internet attack of all time. The world will suffer from the attack at least for a month until everything comes back to normal. Internet will take time to regain its original position.




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