Basic Makeup Tips

There are situations when there’s hardly any time and you need a quick fix to get your appearance right for a party or an evening out. Then there are times when you don’t know what kind of look you are exactly looking for. It is important to understand that makeup is more about skin than about anything else. Beautiful skin can take you a long way. If your skin looks dry or oily, even a perfect mascara or lip gloss cannot help. Here are some basic makeup tips that you can keep in mind.

1. Moisturize

Moisturizers make your skin look supple and conceal any dryness or itchiness. They should be applied in the correct quantity and they must suit your skin type. Otherwise, your skin can look too oily and you surely don’t want that! This can become a base for all the other makeup that you want to put on. The trick is to remember to let the moisturizer dry completely. Otherwise, your makeup will be runny and will not serve the purpose it is meant to serve in the first place!

2. Conceal

Concealing can help give you a fresh, taut look. Dark circles under your eyes, black holes or pores – all can be concealed in a matter of seconds. The trick is to choose the right shade of the product that you want. The colour should match the tone of your skin to prevent any unevenness in terms of skin colour at least. A smooth and flawless complexion can be obtained by the right kind of concealer.

3. Powder

Matte powder works wonders! By using the kind of matte powder that suits your concealer, you can keep it on for longer and look fresher for a prolonged period. Powder should almost disappear on your skin. Nobody should be able to realize that you have used it. Neutral colours generally work well with all skin types. They are dark enough to cover but light enough to make you look as natural as possible.

4. Curl and Colour

This is for the eyes only. Before using mascara, use a curler so that your eyelashes automatically appear longer. Next, apply the mascara in thin coats on your lashes till you get the dark, pumped-up look that you want. Make sure that before applying the next coat of mascara, you wait for the previous coat to dry.

5. Gloss

Your lips need to look good too, yes? Decide the kind of look you want to go for. Is it elegant, sexy, professional or something else? You do not want to give any wrong messages – apply a moderate quantity of gloss and keep it simple. Pout while applying the gloss so it evenly spreads on all the corners of your lips.

6. Blush

Add a little bit of volume to your cheeks as well. It is upon you if you want a rosy colour or a natural colour. The point is to give the cheeks the glow that the need. Apply a few strokes of blush in light circular motions and your face will glow in no time. You might want to try several different shades to judge which one finally goes best.




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