Bappa’s Favorite List

ganpatiThe elephant-headed god with a huge pot belly is the most beloved deity. Ganpati is known as god of good luck and happiness and remover of obstacles. It is said that it is very easy to please this cute god. Make him happy and he will happily grant all your wishes. Ganesh festival is on the way, so why not prepare Bappa’s favorite list, offer him all his favorites and impress the sweet Ganesh.

Favorite food:

His big tummy makes it quite obvious that Lord Ganesha is a foodie. The easiest way to reach to his heart is through his stomach. He loves sweets the most. ‘Modak’ is one of the favorite sweets of Ganpati. If you notice any Ganpati idol, you will find modak in one hand. This sweet looks like dumpling; the outer layer is made up of rice flour or wheat flour and is stuffed with jaggery and grated coconut. It looks as well tastes delicious. It is a traditional prasad offered especially to Lord Ganesha. Normally 21 modaks are offered to the deity. Now -a –days, variety of modaks are available in market in form of chocolate modak, mango or kesar flavored etc. So you can also add more assortments of modern sweets and make the lord happy. Ganpati also loves other sweets like ladoo, peda. In south- India, devotees offer ‘sundal’ which is made up of chick peas. It is basically a salty prasad. As elephant loves bananas, even this elephant-faced god loves bananas.

Favorite leaves:

‘Dhurva’ or Bahama grass in English is one of the most important offering to Lord Ganesha. A pooja is almost incomplete without Dhurva. According to mythology, after killing the fire demon, Ganpati suffered with excess heat in stomach and head, therefore to cool his body, the lord was worshipped with 21 sets of Dhurva. The Dhurva was covered all over his body which healed him. After dhurva, comes ‘shammi ‘tree and tulsi leaves that are used widely to worship this idol. Even Kewda leaves are used to worship Ganesh. These leaves are used during Ganesh Utsav and also during Vinayak Chaturthi.

Favorite flowers:

Hibiscus is all time favorite flower of Lord Ganesha. The lord is often worshipped with these red flowers. This flower has the power to welcome positive energy and eliminate all the negative energy from the home. Milkweed flower is another favorite flower of this divine deity. The lord is also seen wearing garland of marigold flowers. Both leaf and flower of Conch flower are also offered to Ganpati. Any flower of red color can also be offered to Ganpati as the color is said to be auspicious.

Favorite Color:

Red is favorite color of Ganpati. The lord is often described with red color. Red vastra( clothes) is draped around the lord during the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Utsav. Any flower of red color can also be offered to the god.

Tuesday is the day which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Above is the favorite list of Bappa but apart from these, the friendly god will accept anything which is offered with love and affection.



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