Ayodhya Verdict – Temple or Mosque?

A masjid or a temple? The debate goes beyond Hindu and Muslim citizens of India. We usually call India a home of diversified religions and people. From our birth to death we are taught by elders we should respect all religions. Are we doing the same or we missed the way? Has it become a political game than a religious issue? Let me help you to know the fact what Ayodhya issue is after all.

The political, historical and socio religious debate over the location and history of the Babri mosque is known as Ayodhya issue. It is believed by Hindus or some political parties that there might be a temple of lord ram that is demolished to create the mosque. The mosque is built in 1527 by the order of the first Mughal emperor of India, Babur on the Ramkot hill (Rama’s fort). The mosque was destroyed by a political rally in 1992 killing thousands of people around the nation as it turned out to be a big riot. From that time onwards the site is known as dispute site not the religious place anymore.

Ayodhya is a small town of 50000 people but it is in process of getting 10000 security men. Isn’t it shocking? Ayodhya’s citizens are not unfamiliar or scared of the riots but it makes them uncomfortable and their life becomes miserable. It also reminds them the previous bad memories of blood on the basis of religion that hurts.

No one actually wants the fights and unpeaceful environment except the political parties which always needed such issues to win elections on the cost of a common man’s life. If you ask people of ayodhya about the issue and their opinion they will not forget to remind you about the place where Hindus and Muslims offered prayers at the same spot for more than 300 years after Babur’s lieutenant Mir Baqui built the mosque. It is an example of unity and faith in religion among Hindu and Muslims but some dirty political minds made it a game of blood. The dispute started in 1885 when Nirmohi Akhada claimed that the mosque was built at the Ramjanmabhoomi.

The residents feel that the shrine today is neither a Ram janmabhoomi nor a mosque anymore it is just a site of dispute. If the issue is handed over to the residents of Ayodhya then they can peacefully manage the thing like they were doing before 1885. Why don’t we make it one shrine of both religions? But politics doesn’t work like this.

The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court will decide the ownership of the disputed land on September 24th. Whatever the decision is the storm of riots should not happen again and all parties should respect the court decision instead of taking the issue to further level. After all the faith in god is more important not the building (temple or mosque). I hope the verdict should bring a win-win situation for the residents of Ayodhya.

I personally feel if people are not acceptable of temple or mosque then why we don’t find a third way by building something else like an orphanage or a hospital. Why don’t we all try to make it a better place and stop fighting for a land which was so holy for Hindus as well as Muslims? How would it be if our faith wins over politics? What is your opinion?



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  1. If we are approaching the third way, building something else like an orphanage or a hospital don’t you think this entire 18 years case and the amount we spent on it, will be a complete fiasco. Anyways i don’t want something to be happen at the cost of humanity and peace so The best solution to this problem is just “respect the court order”.

  2. ruchi mahajan says:

    if people won’t respect court’s decision(quite possible) another 18 years will go into the matter and we will be nowhere. its better to think beyond the lines and give a no objectionable solution to maintain peace and save time for some more important issues in future. afterall giving home to orphans or curing patients is not less than worshiping god. isn’t it? thats what i feel.

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