Ayodhya Verdict Funny Quotes on Twitter

soch_aalaya I hope the Judges issue the verdict in 140 characters. #Ayodhya

Sridhar Lol! RT @AmarC_Afxisi: Ayodhya Verdict leaked, Kalmadi bags contract to remake masjid and a new temple next to it !!!!

viswaminfotech RT @abhishinde: RT @jacob_tharian: Don’t know what the ayodhya verdict will be,but 1things for sure,twitter servers should crash sometime soon

jashbythebay RT @UN_EXPECTED: The Ayodhya Verdict is out; they have decided to construct a pub, which will be run by Kingfisher. Divided by Religion,United by Kingfisher

k4ush4l RT @aviraj: Thanks to the Ayodhya verdict, traffic is moving from the roads to the Internet.

sidvee If Lalit Modi had been in charge of this Ayodhya verdict, Shankar Mahadevan would have been performing by now

edgartheodore Here’s the funny thing about the new movie anjana anjani. They moved the release date due to the ayodhya verdict. Now the verdict..(con’t)

mujeebjaihoon RT @mohanbn: Paul, the octopus baba should predict the Ayodhya verdict.. it would have been a matter of seconds instead of 6 decades!

savarsuri RT @Syameshk: RT @sm63: The way media is pimping it, I am surprised they dont yet hv an Airtel Ayodhya Verdict or a Pepsi Judgment Day!

sarfrazhaan Shiv Sena says #Ayodhya verdict must be in Marathi since they are a part of the case.

1337boon CWG winner will be given True Copy of the Ayodhya verdict. Gold medal is already gulped by Kalmadi & team.

ramanchugh 8000-10000 page verdict !!! Save the environment & trees. Give out the verdict via sms. Wat an idea Sirji!! #ayodhya



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