Art v/s Real Life

We generally feel a temptation of investigation of an artiste’s personal life in order to grab up certain information but it is not morally correct at first point. The role of most art works is to create a huge impressive perception of fictional, imaginary universe and most of them are successful enough to depict that. But are we lost in the reality of art which is actually unreal or fictional? We shall find out!

Though art is away from reality or real life, it is one of the prime things that inspires a man to get going and in intensifies any human to embellish a beautiful life. One may be or may not be able to relate art with real life, in this case the diversion and exaggeration or luxury might be represented that may suggest that the personality of that human lacks in that painting. That is how different and unreal could art be.
The artiste tends to pour and show his feelings in certain molds and the artiste is likely to indulge into this state pretty often. And most probably, the subject only means for the work of art created. We may feel that the artistes are not doing justice by portraying things in the paintings which are new and creative but actually many of them might have put their real stories and inspirations in that painting. That is how art and realism are. Varied perceptions, contradicting!




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