Different Forms of Art that Showcases Creativity at its Best

Beauty lies everywhere around and it is said that only artists have the magic to perceive with their eyes and reveal this beauty to the world in form of art. Art is a form of creative communication that evoke emotions of the people. Artists aesthetically try to show what they see, which sometimes others cannot see.

When we say art, it is actually not just restricted to drawing or painting, it encompasses more forms of visual delight. A person’s imagination represented visually can be termed as art. So this way, art can be broken down into different types. Most of these eye-pleasing masterpieces have the power to move the soul. So let’s understand the most common and creative form of arts.



Drawing, the most common form of art through which an artist expresses his / her observation using medium like hand, pen, pencil, chalk, brush, charcoal on any convenient surface. Drawing can be something influenced from surrounding or can be out of imagination. It is one of the most oldest forms of art. You can spot some of beautiful drawings from the prehistoric period on the walls, stones, caves.



Painting is also an ancient form of art where artwork is made appealing using splash of colours. Oil paints, acrylic, pastel, spray painting, water colours are different form of paintings. Artists exhibit their paintings in form of abstract, landscape, cityscape, cultural, still life and much more. Most of the paintings are used as an interior decor element in homes and offices.


Print Making

Printmaking is a form of artwork, usually created by printing on paper. The very first technique of printing was wood cut which means illustration carved on wooden surface. Prints are made using different type of techniques like engraving, etching, lithography, mono-type etc. This artwork is usually done on paper, stones, plastic, parchment or fabric.



Sculpture, another form of ancient art which is 3-dimensional (3D). They are usually statues or figures created by carving made out of material like wood, clay, stone, glass or marble. Sculpture are more powerful and realistic form of art. You can find right from historic to contemporary sculptures.


Mix Media

This is one of the modern forms of art that depicts combination of different artworks. Even in olden days mixed-media art style was seen, one of the famous art was made by Pablo Picasso. Mix media allows the artist to let their creative juices flowing without any restriction as they have the freedom to blend and create anything they wish. A perfect collage of painting, drawing, water colour, photograph can be a real a treat to eyes.



Photography is an art of capturing or freezing the moments. ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, aptly suits a photographer as this creative person tries to find beauty in anything and presents an undiscovered world which is really fascinating. Photographers can have a different perception about a same place or thing, which makes their artwork unique. Photography is widely categorised into wildlife, nature, portrait, food, wedding and fashion.

Art lovers can now easily get what they want. There’s original art for sale by artist online. Different forms of art are now easily available. Unlike the traditional art fair, online art gallery operates almost all 365 days and 24/7. This is really a good news for the art enthusiasts as well as artists since they have got a great platform to showcase their creative talent.



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