Are You Making This Cardio Mistake

With more and more people getting bitten by the workout mantra, cardio exercises are gaining a lot of popularity. People just follow what the others do without even thinking the pros and cons of it. No doubt, cardio is very good for health as it is an excellent stress buster and helps a person get a good night sleep, but an ever dose of everything is never accepted. There are some myths associated with cardio and often it has been observed that despite of working out the results are not well desirable. Thus, the mistakes one make and the myths related to cardio are –

  • A common myth that lingers with the concept of cardio is to eat whatever one feels like. They are of the view point that cardio will help them burn it better without actually putting on weight. This is a mistake people make. After the consumption of junk food, people take in more fat that then shed out. So in order to get those burned out of the body, one will over-exhaust oneself.
  •  People feel that if they do the same cardio workout day in day out, they tend to burn more fat and the body gets adapted to that system. The thing that people forget that the body has the power to get acclimatized to the strenuous work out that one does every day. So in the long run, lesser fat will be burnt as the body is already prepared to take in that strain. So one has to constantly change the exercise patterns. This also helps in refreshing the mind.
  •  Another mistake people commit is by doing steady cardio. They are under the notion that it will help them burn fat better. Unfortunately, it remains a myth. It is observed that people run for hours on the treadmill keeping the speed constant. This does not help in getting rid of the fat effectively. The ideal way is to keep fluctuating your heart beat rate. The more the fluctuation, better is the burning.
  •  Another mistake committed by most people is to directly beginning with the cardio without actually warming up. It is not right to set the treadmill at a high speed. Gradual increase of speed should be practiced.
  •  People tend to overdo cardio which is wrong for the body. Doing too much cardio and eating low calorie food makes a body lose out on muscles which is not desirable. It will eventually culminate into internal injury.

People tend to lean forward on the handle while doing treadmill. That ruins the whole purpose of exercising.




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