Are Men and Women Equal?

It is easy to say that women have equal rights as men. But is this statement true? How much potential this statement has? Do we really mean it? Especially, when it comes to the ego of men against women, they can’t stand this statement which they feel is degrading for their pride or the juncture where they stand. And, this is just a small write up of this everlasting debate.

Women and home are the two best combinations seen in India. Like, most introductions we notice, that someone’s mother is a housewife or a perfect homemaker. This appears very simple for us to say Okay, his mother is a homemaker, but I think we should take that literally and that is one big task. Managing home takes a whole lot of time accounted for different chores women have at home. Though we may see men turning as good homemakers, but no one better can do the daily chores than a woman.

Women and Workplace is second most combinations seen since the last decade. We are now stepping in the world of urbane living and so is the case with men and women. They both are now considered equal in the long lasting fiery debate. Many still say that the workplace shall be male dominated as it was at the time of inception. But that is just an unconstructive statement. That statement can just be said as a fairy-tale statement. For illustration, we didn’t see any woman running up to the stage of a president or a vice president. Only during the past elections, in India, we saw Pratibha tai achieving the reward of being the President of India. This doesn’t mean there are barricades for women to run such prestigious offices but it means that it is much harder for a woman to step in such a male dominated history.

Gap between their payments was an old but rising issue, years back. Men who work outside homes earned more than that of what women earned, if they went and worked out of their homely environment. This means, again women are male dominated with the gap between their payments for the work they do.

Women and Education is the best for a woman to describe in a debate. It is because; women are rewarded with higher posts than men in the country with a very strong and competitive academic background. But at the same juncture, a woman might be rejected for her job application just because she is not as positive and competitive as a man.

So, what is the moral?
There has always been a disruptive fight between the genders since long years. However now, it is certainly understood or concluded that women and men are much equal, based on studies and facts. Though many times women are discriminated when it comes to many social issues and stories and much more. As a nation, we are definitely close to the meaning of being Equal, but are we really?




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