Apple MacBook air

Apple’s latest item on the block is the apple MacBook air. This creation has been called as the world’s “ultra-thin” notebook. It’s incredibly thin and yet so strong. The windows vista also works in this device without any hiccups.

The design of the MacBook air is nothing but jaw dropping. Formed from a block of aluminum with the internal cavity CNC machined, it is super Comparing it to a known item like a ThinkPad, it would beat it hands down, with no plastic creaking to boot! You would need to move into the realm of Panasonic Toughbook’s to find something that would be an equal competitor.

The screen on the MacBook is brilliant, with vibrant colors and intense backlight. Black levels are rich and even with very little backlight bleed showing through even on very dark scenes in movies or games.

The MacBook Air keyboard is the slim key design that is also found across the board on other Apple products. Spacing is slightly off compared to a more normal keyboard, and it took a while to get used to the layout. Once you get past the transition, you notice the keyboard is very well built and pretty comfortable to type on.

The touchpad has a few unique qualities that are either not seen in most notebooks, or were a first for notebooks. Windows users will notice right away that the touchpad is roughly a billion times larger than anything they have seen before, while Mac users will feel right at home. Measuring in at 4.12″ by 2.48″ it was larger than anything I have ever used in the past. The new feature new to this touchpad on the MacBook air is its multi-touch capabilities, which give the user the chance to play around with objects like they would on an iPod Touch or iPhone. This means pinching or spreading apart your fingers to zoom in and out, circling your fingers around to rotate objects, and other advanced motions.

The new 13″ MacBook Pro offers two USB ports, one mini-Display Port, LAN, and the return of FireWire 800. While eSATA is generally the best when it comes to fast external storage, more Mac-targeted storage devices offer FireWire from the long-standing Apple support of the standard. The MacBook Pro also offers a headphone jack and a new SD-card slot, bringing it to the same level that most PC’s have been at for a number of years.The most notable feature on the MacBook Pro is a handy battery gauge mounted on the side of the notebook. Pressing the button lights up a number of eight LED’s showing the current charge level of the battery.

MacBook Airoffers a super thin, lightweight design, but on the other they take away ports and give you a permanent battery. Overall it’s a promising notebook that should force some other manufacturers to wake up and design some lighter and slimmer full-size notebooks.




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