Annoying Classmates

Most of us are in a classroom that has annoying classmates. This kind of nature comes in various forms. They could be the teachers pet who are always complaining and don’t have a life of their own nor do they let others live happily. Ugh, so irritating! But there is a solution to these kinds of kids too, usually by abandoning them from all the fun activities in class is the method. Trust me, you’ll get the heck outta them. Once they are friend deprived and crave for fun, they learn their lesson and stop feeding into the teacher’s ears. There are other categories of annoying kids too. The one’s who are always talking and disturbing in class. They can be treated achhe se. Just complain to the teacher and get their seat changed. At least they’ll stay away from your seat and yeah why care for the new one’s who are now getting disturbed.

One of the typos is the geeks, who are always in time for submission and studies. They are so jobless that they finish all the assignments before the deadline. I mean dude don’t you have a life?! Studying regularly is advisable, but killing yourself by over studying is being dumb. There is a limit to everything.

DO NOT CROSS IT! Show them what they are missing out on. Tell them that school is a place where you learn, enjoy with pals and make nostalgic memories. Yeah, these annoying irritating kids do make their names into you list of remembrance (as the worst ones). They aren’t mean or bad at heart, they are just too dumb. They are immature and insensible kids. Yet if you have annoying classmates do teach them a lesson or learn ways to handle them with ‘care’. All the classroom confined masti is good but it shouldn’t get you to hate anyone on a serious note. Just a nice treatment to the exceptional cases is okay. To handle such classroom toys is not that tough a job. Tell them not to push too far, and if they don’t understand simple language then speak to them in their own language.

Oh that’s metaphorically not literally. I meant give them the taste of their own medicine. Treat them in their own specialized ways. If a kid hits you, please don’t hit him back. Tell the teacher/miss/ma’am or whatever you call her. Get some crocodile tears rolling down your cheeks and act a bit. It definitely works. Ae hello, it works in schools not offices. If the fellow just doesn’t seem to understand then play pranks on him. Not hazardous ones but enjoyable ones. Irritate him/her to an extent that they deliver an apology speech in your respect. I am not sure if it would work but where humor lies, fun is a definite response. Don’t go and physically challenge the annoying master pieces otherwise your mom will blame me and tell me ki “mere bache ko bigaad rahi ho tum.” All you kids shush!



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