Animals in Space

The first man to step on the surface of the moon was Neil Armstrong who flew to the outer space on July 20, 1969 accompanied by Edwin Aldrin Jr. They both spent two and a half hours gathering rocks to bring back to earth for analysis. This was a great success for the United States as well as all of mankind.

There were many sacrifices made in order to get man to moon, which people do not know about but they are very important and without them we would never be where we are right now. Once it was decided that man wants to get to moon, scientists did not know what would happen to a living organism if it leaves earth atmosphere and what the effects of weightlessness would be on a human or any kind of mammal. There were unsolved questions on how would a person find it in the outer space. So what the United States and Russia did to figure this out was to send monkeys, chimps and dogs and other animals into space for analysis of such effects.

Unfortunately the designs were not perfect and they were only on a trial stage. Even if successful launch would take place, the reentry procedure would be unsuccessful. This meant that the animals did not stand much of a chance of survival. In many cases, the spacecraft with the animals in them was never recovered and it is still floating somewhere in the outer space.

The first ones in Space

The first living thing to go into the outer space and make it back was a container of fruit flies which was sent to space and parachuted back. The year after that space programs started sending bigger animals and mammals in space as experiments. On June 11, 1948 Albert I was launched to the outer space who died of suffocation during the flight. After this incident all the monkeys sent to space in this operation were called Albert. This project was called Albert which unfortunately was never successful. So basically they just kept sending monkeys into space and observing them while they die. In my opinion that is quite cruel.

Another mission that was overtaken by Russia was the launch of Sputnik I. Laika is a female Russian stray dog that was launched in Sputnik 2 only to die while reentry as the satellite burned.   After Laika’s death Americans started talking about animal treatment. There were many animals sent to the space and abandoned by the space program while their spacecrafts are still floating somewhere in this enormous universe. I wonder what would happen if people from another planets find these animals!





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