Angry Birds Star Wars: Delight for Star Wars Freaks

 “Use the force, Luke”

Well, Luke’s gone long back and some really angry looking birds are here, ready to sabotage the darker side of force, the piggies.

Red Bird: wueeeee!

Bad Piggies: Oink Oink!

The war has begun between the empire and rebellions. A new hope is wished. And death star must be destroyed.


The much loved game, the most famous game app, the viral, Angry Birds’ latest version is Angry Birds Star Wars.

We’ve had so much fun slingshotting those small, angry, colourful, powerful birds to kill ugly, oinking piggies. And now it has been done the star wars way, with the light saber.

The game is engaging, nobody can deny that. After I sat to play it, I didn’t see the sun until I finished it, all the 80 levels of challenge and destruction. Also an episode based on Hoth (a planet) from Empire Strikes Back will be free, plus a bonus level to play as C3PO and R2D2.

The typical bird tossing continues, however characterized in Star Wars style. The red bird as Luke Skywalker using light saber to slice obstacles, while other birds too personify as Star Wars classic characters. It all set up in tatooine, space and the stars.

Rovio’s Angry Bird Star Wars again hits a home run (sixer in Indian context).

With new design (Anything would be great if it’s star wars!) and superpowered birds, this season of Angry Birds is a true winner compared to other seasons like Rio and Magic. And this time it will extract more of your mind with little difficult puzzles.

So buy it, it’s cheap. Toss’em. Devastate, that’s what we love, don’t you?

May the force be with you.






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