Android might beat Windows by 2016

Gartner research firm has predicted that Google Android OS is going to outnumber Microsoft Windows in next four years. Data reveals that there will be 2.3 billion computing devices (Computers, tablets and smartphones) that will use Android compared with 2.28 billion Windows devices.


However the current year prediction is 1.5 billion windows devices against 608 million using Android. The shift is likely to happen in coming years as free softwares offered by Google are attracting the market intensely.

The users are now shifting to easy and mobile technologies i.e. smartphones and tablets which led the declination of shipments of personal computers. From years, Microsoft Windows has been ruling the world of operating systems but with the growth of smart devices, iOS and Android captured the world of computing.

Lagging behind, Microsoft has been striving to keep up with the shift to wireless technologies and hence its market share is as low as 3%. By releasing Microsoft surface, Microsoft might stand up to the technologies of it’s rivals, yet the power of Google is ever increasing and is capable of beating Microsoft.

Given the fact that massive growth has been noticed in the number of Google Android OS. But what will happen in four years is just a prediction by Gartner and still remains a mystery.



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