An exploration as to why newspapers and magazines publish horoscopes and numerology

Newspapers and magazines have always been an imperative part of one’s daily routine. Statistics show that approximately 75% of the people who take a glimpse of the newspaper everyday surely flip the page to see their horoscopes and numerology; whether they believe in it or not, they find curiosity in foretasting the analysis that astrologers or numerologists have made for them.

Now, let us dive deep in the pool of this quest and find out as to why exactly the newspapers and magazines publish horoscopes and numerology.

It becomes inevitable for the editors of the newspaper to ignore the inclusion of horoscopes and numerology during the page setting of the newspaper or magazine. The simple reason is that they cannot simply keep aside people’s interests and obviously their curiosity factor, when they are responsible to deliver each small and big news from around the world. A reader might ignore the news of the minor accident that took place in the same town but will surely get anxious if he/she reads about being road safe the next time they travel. That’s the impact and influence the horoscopes and numerology make on a person’s mind. It is fun to note, how hastily we capture every word written in analysis of the seven planets of antiquity, about which we are all not even aware of.  Knowing what the forecast has to tell in accordance to the zodiac signs then becomes an interesting piece of project for all the readers.

People love to acknowledge themselves about the common personality traits they carry with the section of population possessing the same zodiac sign. This helps them to introspect more and rectify the negative vibes around their aura. By swimming a little deeper in the research, they find it easier to correct and improve their personality and behaviour. While a few others just find joy in experimenting how true the planetary and astral implication are.

No wonder why the astrology columns in the newspapers and magazines are so popular among the readers! Their thirst to bring into light, the precautions they must undertake to save themselves of any major happening in their upcoming lives, is well quenched by the corresponding column in the newspapers and magazines. The matter of fact still remains though; people will constantly act sceptical towards the accuracy of the horoscopes published, yet read them because it amuses them to hilt. People might find it fascinating because it synchronises the reflections of the intentions and energies one is surrounded by. Astrology for the others is a tool to recognise the spiritual energies around them, besides the piles of information it diffuses in the minds of readers about the emotional ups and downs, family problems, marriage bonds, and so on…

Taking all the above mentioned reasons into consideration, it gets impossible for the newspapers and magazines to not print something that’s so important to its readers.
Millions of people check their horoscopes and numerology analysis daily. So, how can newspapers and magazines refrain from publishing something that is so important to the readers’ interest and faith? After all, like every competition, it is a matter of maximum readership when it comes to print media.



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  1. Is fliptalks missing an astrology section on the website?

  2. Abhishek Lamba says:

    we live in India and each one….or shall I say many of us are superstitious and we like see how are future will be. Reading horoscope in newspaper or watching it on television… we Indians like u see our future.

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