AMD Trinity Chipsets better than Intel Ivy Bridge?

Advanced Micro Devices has released its Latest Trinity Processors which have twice the performance per watt comparing to their old Llano chips. The first computers running powered by AMD Trinity chips will be available for sale in the month of June in HP Sleekbooks.

AMD has also promised the gamers a better experience with Trinity Chipsets. AMD has low power requirements and it can offer thin and slim laptops or all in one desktops. These chips will also allow regular laptops’ batteries to run longer. According to AMD the systems can last up to 12 hours which may not be accurate until they have been tested after the devices are out in June.

AMD’s approach to creating low power processors is completely different from Intel. AMD uses the Pile-driver architecture for its Trinity CPUs which introduces an energy saving technology called as resonant clock mesh technology. This technology actually saves some of the power it has used and in a way it recycles it. This saves quite a lot and makes the systems run for much longer.



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