Alternatives to Apple’s Siri

Apple Siri has become one of the most popular mobile phones of all time. But if you are not an iOS user, you do not need to worry as there are various android alternatives available. Most of these apps can be downloaded for free and installed on your android phone without paying a dime.

Apple Siri is basically an application made for iPhone 4S. In this app you can give voice commands to your mobile. According to apple Siri is the user’s personal assistant. But there are many people who are not apple mobile phone users and they would rather purchase android mobiles. This creates a question if android mobiles have such applications where in voice commanding is possible. Well the answer is yes and here are the alternative apps for android users.

1. Iris
Iris is considered to be the best alternative for Siri. This app was release exactly 8 hours after the release of Siri. Iris is the Siri written backwards and it is pretty much capable of doing everything Siri does such as typing text messages, searching the web, making calls and many more. This app is still in its development stages and may not give accurate results but it will surely get much better soon.

2. Vlingo
Vlingo Virtual Assistant is another one of the alternatives for apple Siri and it has a very intelligent and quick voice recognitions technology. Through this app you can text while driving or update your Facebook status. This is an alternative for phones using OS other than Android such as BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows Mobiles.

3. Speaktoit Assistant
This app is considered to be a virtual personal assistant named Jane who communicates with the user in their respective language. She notifies the user about upcoming events, searches the internet and carries out various tasks.

4. Google Voice Actions
Google’s Voice action is generally available in most of the android phones as a default feature. This app helps the user in sending text messages, making calls, search the web etc. This app is not as interactive as Siri but it is very accurate.

5. Skyvi
This app provides the user with any kind of information. This app is not as perfect as Siri but it is quite interactive and useful. You can access Facebook, twitter, etc through Skyvi.

6. Text by Voice
This app works on an iOS as well as Android platforms. This app is quite useful while driving and it is mostly used for hands free purposes.



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