Advertisements and its impact on society

Every time you switch on your television, your eyes feel bound to be caught by the creative advertisements which have flooded the media industry. Whether it is radio, television, newspapers or cinema halls, advertisements have taken over every possible media form one can think of. Advertisement is fundamentally a communication channel to alter consumer behaviour in regard to certain commercial product a company has to offer. An advertisement also solves various other purposes of the company; for instance, it conveys across a sugar-coated message about its success to reassure its shareholders and consumers. Therefore, advertising is one of the most sought after ways of brand imaging or positioning. Conventionally, they are proven to leave an indelible imprint on the minds of viewers, which in turn affect their buying decisions. Playing in favour of the company, ads consequently bring loads of profit to the same and increase the factor of “brand loyalty” among the consumers. The marketing mix of 4 P’s acts as the underlying principle of advertising; the 4 P’s comprise of Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Advertisements, thereby furnish succinct information about the brand and its offer in an aesthetically beautiful nutshell to bestow a coveted stature to the company, subsequently increasing its demand in the market.

But not necessarily are the advertisements always meant for the increased awareness about a commercial product. There are a ton of ads today which are solely responsible for creating awareness among the viewers about various health issues, tax returns and many other concerns dealing with the welfare of the mass.

Advertising has now taken over every arena of communication. From television to internet, radio, newspapers, texts and so on. It goes without saying that every viewer or listener is directly or indirectly affected by what’s shown. All in all, advertisements result in a huge impact on society, besides the primary impact of their decision-making being affected while shopping; the latter stays as the basic requirement of ads.

Like every rose with thorns, advertisement also comes as a metaphorical rose, carrying both positive and negative impacts. The beauty of ads lie in the fact that, extra conscious consumers of today’s world are able to choose what product suits them best. Also, in this age of competition, companies get a chance to put across their message on a massive scale. Advertisements help generate awareness about diseases like AIDS and its preventive measures, child vaccination booths launched, tax rebate, so on and so forth. Approaching for help during natural calamities and campaigns by NGOs is one major role that ads play too. But, it cannot be ignored that ads play with the audience’s emotions to a great extent. Also, woman indulged in exposing in variant ads add to the negative sexual impact, thereby ruining the cultural values of our country. The price factor of relatively more advertised products take a hike because of the capital invested in advertising and promotion. Commercials pitch a certain idea presented by the company, but it alters the mentality or mindset of the viewers, thereby affecting their decisions, which may or may not be necessarily in people’s interest.

So, selling your minds to these advertisers is merely YOUR choice. Go for it or let go!



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