Acer Timeline Ultra

The world of ultrabooks witnessed the revelation of its new invention lately, the masterpiece “Acer Timeline Ultra”. Acer revealed about it in the 2012 CES that took place in the month of Jan. The Aspire Timeline range by Acer has indeed marked its name in the hall of fame by driving in a numerous laurels for its new product in just a matter of a couple of years.

acer-timeline-ultraAesthetically sought after, the Acer Timeline Ultra is naturally extra slimmer and lighter than the existing versions. No matter what, the highlight about this ultrabook is all taken by the fact that it is the ONLY ultrabook till date, to have an in-built DVD writer; it is indeed a real blessing in disguise for working professionals who apparently have to take back ups every now and then or for movie lovers who do not want to miss a single chance of pursuing their hobby, even when they are on a move. But, the bad news comes along! Sadly, it is a tray loading drive and not a neater slot loading type.

It doesn’t mean still, that we would drop down the idea of Acer Timeline Ultra. The Acer Timeline reviews haven’t been bad at all. So, let’s see all the pros and cons before we really step into the shoes of final decision making.

Provision of 2 USB ports, along with the HDMI and network connectors reflects a win-win situation. The keyboard is partially on the lines of an Apple Macbook prototype. An evocative keyboard and a grand touchpad without click buttons is how the above point has been presented as a verdict.

The Acer Timeline Ultra is practically available in two versions: 14 inch and 15 inch.  Acer further promises a battery life of EIGHT HOURS while delivering a high performance. Furthermore, it suggests that the ultrabook would wake up within 1.5 seconds by virtue of the “Green Instant On” technology, lengthening battery life. Moreover, Acer Timeline Ultra can be woken up by a smartphone too, courtesy the feature of ‘Acer Always Connect’. To add a feather to the cap, the “Acer Always Connect” technology also allows users to access various files and media from remote devices like smartphones and tablets, even when the ultrabook is running a sleep mode.

This new evolution of Acer’s previous Timeline range models, Acer Timeline Ultra is 20mm thick and uses Core i processors of today. You are also at a liberty of choosing from an SSD or HDD option.

Acer has announced the successful shipping of its Timeline Ultra in the first quarter of the year 2012, though the price is still to be disclosed.

And yes, you may now put on your thinking caps, surf through various online forums and discussion portals, subsequently put across your point of view and negotiate with some tech savvies around and then ultimately continue to have your pocket ripped on one of your most coveted commodities. Owning an Acer Timeline Ultrabook would be, yes, a great matter of pride, ostensibly.



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