Abuse: How to deal with it

It has been very nicely put by some genius, “Abuse is a poisonous cocktail of control-freakery, conforming to social and cultural norms, and latent sadism.” Abuse, as an agenda is too broad so to dip in this cocktail further, let’s see a major classification. There are variant abuses with different causes, symptoms and preventions attached to it.

Starting off with one of the 108 types of abuses, we take up ‘Emotional abuse’ first. This majorly is witnessed among the couples. For such an abuse, it is important to realise that switching to a new partner can be avoided by changing your reactions; who knows how the new partner would be and it’s difficult to stay as a divorcee of course. Things can very well work out if you try and set new reasonable terms to subsequently pursue a better relation. But remember, you must be able to judge when to bid adieu.

Next, let’s pick up ‘Physical abuse’. Also sometimes termed as ‘Bullying’ at primary levels, physical abuse goes a long way in context of consequences. One may even go into depression and spend the entire life ahead in isolation. To deal with the same, first and foremost, freeze in your mind that you aren’t the only one to be suffering from this. In case of bullies or abusers, follow the 4-R therapy: Recognize, Relate, Report and Record.

Further, we have ‘Domestic abuse’ which consists of any kind of physical or sexual misbehavior either at home or workplace. Majorly exhibited at workplaces with a lot of women around and the successive increment in vulnerability, some of the explored solutions are firstly keeping calm and subsequently following your instincts. Don’t fear losing your job but know for a fact that your dignity must mean the most to you. Check for a corresponding rule in the office protocol and take appropriate actions instead of being impulsive. Whip out a diary that will help you document your feelings, not to suppress them but vent them in a right way.

In addition to this, we will learn of ‘Homophobic Abuse’. It’s pretty understandable as to how difficult it is when you’re being abused for being a gay or a lesbian. Realise in the first place that you have the right to your life and it’s not your fault. Learn to confront the abuser in the right way at the right time and right on his/her face. And, the best of all is that most of the globe’s legislation talks about the LGBT law. So, nobody can further offend you because you chose your way to life and you should be proud of taking a stand.

Last, but not the least, we’ll turn our eyes to ‘Drug abuse’. The initiation step to deal with drug addiction is to ‘decide’. Have the will power to refrain yourself from its very sight. Next, be patient. It will take time but not forever. Stock up on nutritious and a healthy balanced diet. This is merely to keep up your strength to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Identify your triggers and consciously avoid them. Acknowledge yourself with the long term dangers and train your mind and soul accordingly.

Conclusively, never fear visiting a therapist. It will just help you live happily for years to come! Keep smiling and stay blessed!




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