A Better Hope for Alcohol and Drug Problems

Alcoholism and Drug Culture has infused into this global village today so badly that the penetration is getting tougher and tougher to control. The invasion of the drug culture started with the idea of changing the way one feels and sees the world; in addition to this, a misconception that the protagonist would get rid of any sorrows he/she has forever, once intoxicated. Drug essentially changes the person’s mental state and it may thereafter be used repeatedly to slip into that effect for temporary pleasure and relaxation one accomplishes.

But it would surely be wrong to think that the ‘likeable’ feeling that one obtains post usage of alcohol and drugs is the sole factor that pushed in so many innocent souls into this dirty, unfortunate habit. Peer pressure stands as one of the most sought after reasons for the same. In contrast to this, a person who finds himself as a loner also easily falls under the category of vulnerable species in context to drugs.
So in order to pull the victim out of the trap, it’s a good idea to keep a check on the child’s company and friend circle. Also, it is the duty of the near and dear ones to judge why the subject is trying to isolate him/herself more often. This reflects as one ray of hope to shoo away the alcoholism and drug culture from our society forever.

Fundamentally, drugs are fascinating because they change our awareness. The basic reason why people intake drugs, is to vary their conscious experience. Now, we need to explain the victims that injecting drugs in the body may fulfil their desire temporarily but, is indeed harming their body in the long term process, sometimes even proving to be fatal. So, using alternative methods that would suffice their purpose without any negative effects is what we are looking for now. These substitutes are listening to music that helps them travel to trance, dancing to give them pleasure, exercising to push out the adrenaline rushes and day dreaming to shape ahead anything they wanted but couldn’t attain. Participating in religious rituals is another option that may be liked by some and is truly one of the most effective among all.

Now, the question in mind arises, “What about people who have already made drugs their life?” Rehab centre is the first thing that would freeze any mind being inquisitive about the aforementioned. Rehabilitation, by all means, is an efficient way out because protocols are set, and the medication has a very rigid and disciplined structure that everybody is supposed to follow, thereby being one of the most talked about solutions.

‘Abstinence’ is the next incredible solution to control the drug culture in the world. It is right that this can be pursued only by people who have a strong will power and determination and can undertake this self-denial towards drugs, but shouldn’t therefore be given a second thought thinking that one isn’t that strong. It’s just about building and shaping yourself in such a way!

‘Detoxification’ is next in the long list of solutions. Detoxification, a process by which an individual is withdrawn from the effects of a psychoactive substance, is a known method to cut the fence of drug culture.




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  1. Today’s students can put dope in their veins or hope in their brains. If they can conceive it and believe it, they can achieve it. They must know it is not their aptitude but their attitude that will determine their altitude.

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