A Backpacking Trips guide

Backpacking trips are not only the best hobby one can have but they are also a way to discover the world around you. It is everyone’s dream to enjoy a backpacking trip in a foreign land. However in order to enjoy a backpacking trip, one should plan everything and prepare in advance. Here are the tips on how to plan a backpacking trip: –

Research and Planning – Before planning and booking your tickets, you should have a clear idea on what places you will be visiting and what type of climate, environment and culture you will be facing during you trip to that place. You should find out the best way to get there and the safest and cheapest way to travel within that country. Make sure you book your air tickets way in advance in order to save more money for your trip.

Destination – Before leaving you should know as much as possible about your destination. The more knowledge you have about the place you are visiting the safer and more successful your trip will be. Also it is important to know the best time to visit a place. You can also carry a guide book about your destination. Once you have made it there ask question from other backpackers such as where to go, how to go, when to go etc.

Travel Light – You should get yourself a good backpack with a suitable size and weight. In order to have a good backpacking trip you should have good and comfortable backpack with zipper compartments. Carry things that are legal and they are allowed in flights. Carry your camera, guide book, necessary medicine and first aid kit instead of too many cloths. If you want to have a comfortable trip then you should travel light.

Carry Water – You should carry water with you at all times and stay hydrated. In order to maintain your health throughout the trip drink water frequently.

Respect their Rules – There are many places which require permits or some type of preparation which can be obtained by paying a nominal fee or some type of documentation. Make sure you are not breaking the law unintentionally or intentionally.

Documents – You should carry your identification at all times and if you are travelling abroad make sure your passport is valid and you have the required documents and permits. Also for expenses it is best to carry an ATM card.

Warning: –

  • Stay alert
  • Take care of your possessions
  • Look out for theft



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