5 Weight Loss Tips that WORK

The following are 5 Golden Rules, (tried and tested by me) and believe me, they work.

1. Honey and Lemon in luke warm water (never hot) FIRST thing in the morning.
Everyone knows about this one…but do you actually DO it?? It takes a good couple of months to take effect but you will notice a definite change in your physique. You don’t put on weight as easily as you did earlier and excess fat from crucial areas like the tummy and thighs seems to melt off!

2. Cut the sugar.
Its very easy to cut back on small amounts of sugar from your daily cup of coffee or tea. Cut back a little more every few days..you may not even need artificial sweeteners. Stay away from soft drinks like the plague!
Taking a half teaspoon of sugar lesser than usual is MUCH more doable than completely boycotting it. This way, it will be permanent.

3. Packet-Racket.
Chips, (supposedly) non-fat baked chips, biscuits etc. are the devil! They are excessively salty or sugary AND you can’t control your portion because you HAVE to finish the pack (who eats HALF a pack of Lays??)! No more pre-packaged snacks.
Stay AWAY.

4. Fruits.
Always keep them around. Oranges are a personal favourite as they are packed with loads of vitamins, calcium, magnesium and fibre and will cleanse your system and make your skin glow! With fruits, you can afford to snack often, guilt free!

5. Eat right.
Do not skip meals. You are training your body to retain fat that way..eat at regular intervals and eat wisely. Once you are focussed about losing weight, eating healthy will come naturally. Start with a full-size breakfast and keep your dinners light and early. For breakfast, don’t hold back. Eggs, milk, cereal..its all good! Just avoid the dollop of ghee on your paratha!

Besides these diet tips, please get some exercise as well.Join a gym, walk when u can drive, take the stairs, surya-namaskars or go dancing! Move!



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  1. Herbal Tea too.. VERY effective!

  2. does drinking hot water with lemon and honey helps in loosing weight ?

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