5 Tips for Beginner Runners

It surely doesn’t take split of a second to turn from a novice to an expert. It takes in a lot of efforts and especially due precautions to get through this journey successfully. It is obvious that you want to attain the latter stage as fast as possible but it surely doesn’t mean you’d compromise with the right way of accomplishing it. Work rigorously, but wisely at the same time.

Taking into consideration the aforementioned, the following 5 tips have been decently decided upon to ease you down from running your brains.

1. Slow and steady wins the race!!!
Don’t try and reach the high point in one go. Neither would it help nor would your body allow. Always remember that your body needs time to build up the appropriate strength for tendons, muscles and ligaments. Keep in mind that if you tax yourself too much at the very initial stage, you are basically pushing yourself to be more vulnerable to getting an injury in the very beginning, which would not just hurt emotionally and physically, but also add on a long gap that’s highly undesirable.

2. Consistency is the secret!!!
Once you start, be sure of not procrastinating at any point of time. It would slowly and gradually fade away your body’s strength back to what it was. Also, it would double the time of your work out; if you take a break and come back, you’ll have to start all over again from where you’d initially begun. You can, at times, ease yourself by running a little less instead of not running at all. So, develop a steady and realistic rate and be consistent enough to build up a running habit.

3. Progressiveness is a must!!!
Your runs have to be constantly progressive. This will increase your efficiency way more than running a constant distance every day. You need to put your best foot forward and move out of your comfort zone each time to improve your running abilities and stamina. So, come over your plateau personified graph of speed and distance and hit a new record each day!

4. Learn to be versatile in whatever you do!!!
Running down the same track everyday gets an immense amount of boredom. Follow the beautiful lines of a poem namely, “The Road Not Taken”.  Tread new path periodically and leave an indelible imprint of your footprints everywhere you go. You need to be very versatile with your running styles. Introduce variant distances and speeds in your routine, besides changing the terrain at times. Follow a new route and make a cherishing memory!

5. Never ignore an injury!!!
Most of the runners tend to ignore their injuries and push themselves to still run merely out of enthusiasm. Just realise that your injury may further worsen and rather put you on bed. So essentially, instead of missing a day or two, you’ll miss weeks together. So, each time in case of an injury, ease back and take the necessary precautions so that you can fit back into your routine quickly and doesn’t lose on much.

Personal tip: Just remember to maintain a running log! It greatly helps to appreciate yourself and get encouraged by the same, besides the other numerous benefits.




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