5 (stereo) types of music lovers

From Beethoven and Tansen, to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, to the 70s psychedelia, to the 80s synth music revolution, to the heavy metal and grunge 90’s, to the early 2000s with their soft rock, and the ever present Hindi music industry musicians who have been aping their Western counterparts, to the present day hip-hop and indie rock revolution, music has and always will be constantly evolving. And with the different variety of music, come different types of fans and music lovers each with their unique defining characteristics. Here we shall observe the five most common stereotypical music lovers.
1. Current Trend Guy/Girl:
This is the kind of person who was in love with Linkin Park in the early 2000s, Norah Jones immediately after she won her Grammies and is now currently enjoying the wonderful sounds of Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus. This guy/girl will constantly be online checking out what the current No.1 hit single is, download it immediately and start telling the world how it’s the best song he/she has ever heard. Expect this person to find a new favorite in the next hour or so, the moment the new Britney Spears single peaks to number 1 on the Billboard charts.

2. Death Metal 4 Life:
You can spot these people from a mile away. Dressed in black, over a hundred piercings all over their body, a tattoo of a dragon or some mythological creature and a perpetual \m/ sign over their heads, these are the kind of fans you should stay as far away from as possible. Ask them what their favorite band is you’ll usually hear an answer like ‘Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth, Sepultura’ or some other band whose name you’ve never heard before. Their definition of music is a guy screaming on stage while two guitarists and a drummer try to create as loud a cacophony as possible. If you tell them you don’t like death metal, they’ll give you a look of absolute disgust. Steer clear of these people lest you are dragged into a mosh pit.

3. Trance Elitists:
These are the eighteen to twenty year olds who have smoked enough weed and done enough acid to give Jim Morrison a stroke. Now because of their new found hobbies, all they do is listen to all sorts of different types of trance, techno and house music all day long. These are the sort of people who will tell you the difference between dark trance, psychedelic house, jungle dance and all the different types of trance that basically sound the same. These are also the kind of people who call rock ‘immature’. These people are tolerable until they start playing loud music in the wee hours of the morning on an acid-induced trip and start talking about how this particular song defines them as a human being.

4. The Walking Encyclopedia:
This is a group of people who like to show off about their knowledge of music more than actually listen to it. They have the biography, history and discography of every artist alive memorized despite the fact that they haven’t heard a single song of that particular artist. Never invite these people to a party because as soon as every song starts playing you’ll be hearing a voice over about the year the song was recorded, why the song was recorded, what people think the lyrics mean, what the lyrics actually mean, the cultural significance of this song and the list goes on and on and on. Never discuss music in front of these people as their continuous discussion about your favorite band will cause temporary deafness and you will never listen to music again.

5. The People Pleaser:
This is the kind of individual that realized he/she couldn’t continue listening to Boyzone and Backstreet boys at the onset of the 21st century but still secretly stored all their cassettes and CDs. You know this person the moment your favorite song plays and you sing along, and he/she is hopelessly mumbling the lyrics while pretending to love it. These people are a blast at parties because they will try to sing along to EVERY song possible without knowing the lyrics of a single one and then will go home and happily listen to Himesh bhai humming ‘tera tera tera suroor’.



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  1. lol….good one!
    but I can assure you there are two or three more categories. You’re only talking abt the ones that make you not wanna be known as a music-enthusiast, I suppose. Which one do you fit in outta these, definitely not the 1,2 or 3.

  2. Gautam Mahajan says:

    lol…m just a music listener..:P..what other categories did you have in mind?

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