5 Shameless Rip-offs of Hollywood Movies

Hindi movies and rip-offs are nothing new. Bollywood has been stealing from Hollywood since inception. Some of these were pretty decent and worked well like Hum Tum(copied from When Harry met Sally), Dhoom(inspired by The Fast and the Furious) and a handful of others. Most of them were catastrophes and anyone associated with these films should not be allowed to be part of any movie ever again. Here are five of the most shameless and horribly botched Bollywood projects that managed to ruin the original movie for the viewer as well.

5. The Killer (Collateral): The original movie was a brilliant thriller by Michael Mann who specializes in crime thrillers. The original movie had Jamie Foxx (Oscar winner) and Tom Cruise (in one of the best performances of his life) playing the taxi driver and the killer respectively. In the Hindi remake, we have Emraan Hashmi (Serial Kisser…UGH) and Irrfan Khan (in his WORST performance ever) playing these roles. Add in a few item numbers with Nisha Kothari (why people cast her, amazes me) and an awful hamming job by everyone, and you get The Killer. Bad acting, bad direction and basically much inferior to the original, The Killer is something that should have been killed in pre-production.

4. Qayamat(The Rock): Lets start with the main problem here. Other than Ajay Devgan, the movie starred the following people. Ashish Chaudhary, Riya Sen, Neha Dhupia, Sanjay Kapoor, Arbaaz Khan and Isha Koppikar. Recognize and ACTORS there? No. My point exactly. So they replace Sean Connery with Ajay Devgan and Nicholas Cage with Ashish Chaudhary (WHO?) and turn an already dumb plot into something SO ridiculous that it almost feels like a spoof. Everything was wrong here. Casting, acting, plot points and locations. Add to that some dumb and completely out of place songs and flashback sequences, you get Qayamat(Disaster). I guess they named the movie based on predictions of box office returns. And man, did they nail that one!

3. Chocolate (The Usual Suspects): Have you seen The Usual Suspects? It was one of best thrillers of the 90s starring Kevin Spacey, Benecio Del Toro and gang. Fantastic style, story and plot twists made it an instant classic. Have you seen Chocolate? The same style, story and plot twists. Except you can’t understand a god-damn thing! They took an already confusing (albeit brilliant) plot, added a few unnecessary characters and songs (you see why Hollywood movies don’t have songs now?) and turned it into an incomprehensible mess. A word of advice, adding cleavage and scantily-clad women to a movie does not improve it in anyway. We can only hope other filmmakers understand that soon so we don’t have to face the likes of Rakhi Sawant anymore.

2. Ghajini (Memento): This is just wrong. Memento, directed by Chris Nolan, is considered to be a prime example of excellent non-linear story telling. The story of Memento was that of a man (Guy Ritchie) having short term memory loss in an attack that kills his wife and his search for the killers. The movie shows his frustration and is hopelessness and ends on a bittersweet note leaving the rest to the viewer’s imagination. This concept was remade as Ghajini in the South and then re-remade as (wow) Ghajini in Bollywood. Aamir Khan went all-out to physically prepare for this role with biceps and six-packs to impress the world. Unfortunately, he forgot that he also needed to prepare mentally for it. The whole movie revolves around Aamir Khan screaming and yelling at the top of his voice and trying to look as befuddled as possible. The plot was typical SOUTH Indian fare, which unfortunately, does not work out of South India. The acting was sophomoric at best and the movie didn’t get the viewer’s attention at all. A very disappointing climax to top it all up was the final slap on the face. This movie may have single-handedly wiped Aamir’s credibility.

1. Partner (Hitch): There are cheap knock-offs, there are shameless rip-offs and then there’s Partner. I mean they copied Hitch scene-for-scene with no remorse. This was the return of the David Dhawan-Govinda partnership and expectations were high. And they dropped upon the world this giant monstrosity called ‘Partner’. As good looking as Salman Khan is, he is NO Will Smith. It is an established fact that Salman is NOT a very good actor. Case and point, Wanted, Hello Brother, Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya and every other movie where was topless for half the screen time. And Govinda was way past his prime to be prancing around with Pretty Young Things anymore. The only good part of the movie was the presence of Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif, who as usual looked gorgeous on screen. That’s it. There was no other redeeming factor in this movie, and it was so poorly made, it even ruined the original for people. This was the first movie to be sued for plagiarism in India. Guys, learn to steal with a little subtlety next time.



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