5 Reasons you should NOT BUY a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are a lot in conversation these days. Hybrids are basically those vehicles that run on gasoline like the conventional cars with the additional feature  on the cap of working on an alternate source too; for instance a chargeable battery. It is counted as an eco-friendly version of vehicles. But, is it really one? This is a big question! Also, it may have an initial stage with bag full of advantages for the buyers, but here are five major reasons as to why one must still consider a slight revision in their decision.

A major setback of buying a hybrid car is its cost. Your pocket is literally run over for once when you go to buy a hybrid for yourself. No wonder people think of saving a lot in future in terms of fuel, but seems like they forget that they are actually equalising the amount that they are saving and rather spending on buying one; a hybrid car is super expensive. So, all in all, one must think twice before rubbing off so much money.

Hybrid cars apparently undergo the most spine-chilling accidents. The very reason is its make. Hybrid cars which run on metal hydride batteries run a very high voltage in them. So, the moment your hybrid collides, and subsequently its wires get exposed, the worst case would be the driver’s electrocution. No matter how firm you are in taking precautions while driving, accidents will still remain the most dangerous feature of hybrid cars.

It’s utterly difficult to find a mechanic who can repair your hybrid vehicle, for the very manufacture of a hybrid vehicle is extremely complicated. It surely isn’t a child’s play for a regular mechanic. So, when your car breaks down on the way, you’re going to have a tough time having a hybrid by your side. Maintenance charges, therefore, naturally go up adding to another reason as to why one should reconsider the idea of buying a hybrid model. Un-complicate!

Were you planning to buy a hybrid car because you thought it was high time, you should be eco-friendly now? Well, thought appreciated, but if hybrid car stands as your choice, you may want to revise your decision. No doubt, hybrids help reduce pollution as they are eco-friendly, but their manufacturing compensates it all. The fundamental make of the hybrid car pollutes the environment greatly in comparison to the conventional cars, courtesy the carbon footprints added.

Hybrids are not at all highway savvy. Simple reason being their relatively slower speed than gasoline cars, make it a low performance vehicle. Hybrids may be good for city driving or in heavy traffic jams and alike, but while on highways, hybrids are a huge turn off. Slower acceleration and comparatively lower speed may be accounted for reconsidering the idea of driving home your very own hybrid car.

Your choice isn’t being questioned. You’re still free to buy a hybrid car to yourself. But, these are just a few points you would like to be know, before it’s too late to change your decision.



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