5 reasons to have a hybrid car

What is a hybrid car?

To break it down in simple words, it is a normal fuel-efficient car that runs on two motors – a gas powered motor and an electric motor.

Why use a hybrid car?

Although the initial cost is expensive, in the long run hybrid cars prove out to be a better option in the long run. Environmentalists do not only prefer them, but also the capitalists because of the amount it saves up on gasoline. The biggest advantage of owning a hybrid of that it charges automatically as you drive them.

Travelling in one of those new high-tech hybrids, cars that team up with the power of gas engine and an electric motor, reason being to control the radiation of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere- may seem like something only an engineer or an environmentalist enthusiasm would get excited about but the fact is that hybrid cars contain a lot of advantages which is the society is unaware about. Here our five reasons why a hybrid may be perfect for your family.

 1. Boost your “coolness” quotient-

Driving a hybrid is a surefire conversation starter among relatives, coworkers, neighbours in fact even total random strangers for that matter. Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt and the entire cool Hollywood hipster’s these days have a hybrid. Follow their trend maybe?

2. Be a socially responsible citizen.

Thinking in terms of environment for a change wont do you any harm.

Leave a better world for your children and by driving a hybrid you can totally prove your point. As parents, your actions speak louder than your words. Owning an environmental friendly car imparts values to your children rather than talking about pointless planet saving notions.

3. Comfortable to drive as convectional cars-

There is no difference between a hybrid car and a gas-powered car.

Most importantly, hybrid cars are super-quiet; sometimes you just can’t tell if the engine is on or not!

 4. You will save money on gas-

These days looking at the soaring prices of gas, this surely gives you a reason to switch to hybrid cars. In fact, hybrid cars can go on for more than 600 miles between fill-ups, which means you cut down on your visits to the gas station.

5. Hybrids require less maintenance-

Since hybrid cars are running only half the time, your car will require few oil changes and services for that matter.

Even though there are five reasons listed above, there are way too many advantages to go for a hybrid technology. Hybrid cars are a sound investment as they have an excellent resale value. In conclusion, hybrid cars look good;they are fuel efficient with low emissions. They have a tax rebate and give you extra mileage. Hybrid technology thee days come in trendy and fashionable models and offer the speed you want. GO GREEN!




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