5 People Who Deserve Bharat Ratna

Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian award of the Republic of India which was introduced by President Rajendra Prasad in 1954. Bharat Ratna means the ‘Gem of India’; a valued possession of the nation. So people who have performed the highest degree of “national service” like“artistic, literary, and scientific achievements” are awarded this prestigious award. The holders of this award do not hold any special title unlike the Knights. Some of the Bharat Ratna award holders who are still alive include Lata Mangeshkar, Amartya Sen, Ravi Shankar and A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Now is the time to increase the list of the Award holders. Thus, 5 people who deserve to be awarded the Bharat Ratna Award are:

  • Azim Premji – Born in 1945, he is a business tycoon and a philanthropist. He is the chairperson of Wipro Limited, leading the company well for the last four decades of varied diversifications and development. Thus, he emerged out as an Indian Leader in the Software Industry. Bill gates comments, “If anyone personifies India’s economic transformation, it is Azim Premji, chairman of the information-technology powerhouse Wipro Ltd”. He is a great source of inspiration among youths, for he has proved how sheer perseverance and determination help to conquer the world. Premji is a great philanthropist and has donated 2 Billion $ to his foundation. This is by far the biggest contribution in the history of charity of India. The reason why he should be awarded Bharat Ratna is that not only did he make a big fortune for himself, but is also ready to give it back to his motherland India.
  •  M.F. Hussain – Widely recognized as the “Picasso of India”, Maqbool Fida Hussain passed away in 2011. He has influenced generations of artists all across the country. Hussain played a dominant role in the Indian Modernism in the 1940s. His style of painting reeked of a modified version of a cubist pattern. He was unfortunate to be accused to a great extent by the people of his country and banished from his motherland. It is a shame that a world revered artist’s true worth was never understood by the people of his own country. There were a lot of controversies associated with him painting the Indian deities in nude. Thus, he moved to Qatar and over the years passed away. His paintings had a lot of insights in them, but invited “extreme reaction from the critics”. The reason why he should be awarded Bharat Ratna is that he was a true artist and did not bow down to any criticism. He was the country’s Picasso.
  • Sachin Tendulkar – Strongly referred to as the “greatest batsmen in the history of Cricket”, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the “ultimate cricket maestro of our Country”. We had legends in our country, but Sachin is the only cricketer who has had a deep impact on this nation. He was the first player to score a double century in the ODI cricket. The reason why the Bharat Ratna award could not be bestowed upon Sachin is that there is no provision for sportsperson in the category of services. But people of the nation feel that it is extremely foolish to not award Sachin who is considered as one of the national assets. Though there has been a recent inclusion where the government has included the Sportsmen’s category in Bharat Ratna.
  • Baba Amte – Murlidas Devidas Amte, widely known as Baba Amte was referred to as India’s “miracle worker”. He passed away in 2008. He was famous for his rehabilitation work and the uplifting of the poor people suffering from leprosy. He followed the Gandhian philosophy throughout his life. His dedication was so high that he was ready to offer his own body for experimentation; his body was used to grow leprae germs in order to find a cure for leprosy. The reason why he should be awarded Bharat Ratna is that he gave the poor people hope, while the rest of the world was slowly dissipating into commercialism.
  • Dr. Kurien Verghese – Referred to as the “milkman of India”, he was the greatest magician in the field of agriculture and food. His main venture was “operation food”, that considered the world’s largest dairy development programme. He also founded the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) and is the leading man behind the success of AMUL. He also engineered the White Revolution. The reason why he should be awarded Bharat Ratna is that he created a worldwide revolution out of a small thing like milk and making India the largest producer of milk in the world.



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