5 ideas for outdoor Kitchen Designs.

Outdoor Kitchen is one place every barbecue lover wishes to have. However, very few people go for installing of the outdoor kitchen, mainly because there is a myth that outdoor kitchens are expensive. All the expenses of an outdoor kitchen depend on the designs, equipments and appliances that are used. There are many factors that can adorn or spoil your outdoor kitchen. Here are some ideas that one must keep in mind while designing an outdoor kitchen:



  1. Choosing the right place.

This is the first among all the important steps of outdoor kitchen designing. Choosing a right place for your outdoor kitchen leads to its efficient designing. It should preferably be close from the indoor kitchen, so that monitoring becomes easy. It should be situated in a shady place. If there is no natural shade available, one may go for built-in umbrellas. One must also note that there is enough privacy.

  1. Sizing.

An outdoor kitchen is not meant to be necessarily big. A small outdoor kitchen can work out equally well if designed and planned properly. Hence, its sizing is important. Calculate how much of space is required for every appliance and accessory. There are 3 main stations that have to be considered while sizing: preparation station, cook station and serve station. Allot sufficient spaces for these stations, so that ambushing is avoided. Sizing, when planned properly, completes half of the designing.

  1. Layouts.

The most popular outdoor kitchen lay outs are the U-shaped and the L-shaped layout. These two layouts are said to be the most useful and convenient layouts, as they provide a lot of space and accommodate a number of kitchen tools. The other layouts for outdoor kitchen designing are split-level layout and basic stand alone counter. The layouts help in organizing of the dining area.

  1. Proper flooring.

An outdoor kitchen, if not floored evenly, may lead to several mishaps in the kitchen. Hence, the flooring should not be uneven.

  1. Installation of Sink.

Many times, people forget to install a sink in the outdoor kitchen. No kitchen is ever complete without a sink. A simple method of installing the sink in an outdoor kitchen is by connecting it to your home’s water supply. The highly recommended sinks for outdoor kitchens are ceramic sinks and stainless steel sinks.

Other factors:

  • One can enhance the outdoor kitchen by installing additional appliances like a television, or a CD player.  This will add to the entertainment.
  • Plan properly for all the electrical and non-electrical utilities.
  • The Indian outdoor kitchens may also have floor as the dining area. In such cases, flooring should necessarily be even. This is a main comfort factor here.
  • One must take necessary precautions in case of fireplace.

A well designed outdoor kitchen is what ultimately makes it a welcoming place. An outdoor kitchen is an ideal place for family gatherings for the holiday season. Its ambience should give welcoming and friendly vibes. Keeping the above ideas in mind, one can have a classy, yet simple and affordable outdoor kitchen.



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