5 Exciting Jobs that pay

In today’s competitive world most of us generally prefer jobs which let us earn more by working less. Now days it is not necessary to work as neurosurgeons or share brokers to get in good money. In fact, some jobs which involve a large amount of stress give low outputs. Consider Police officers or Postmen. They have a very stressful schedule at work, but they are given very low salaries. Government employees are bound to perform lots of stressful activities at low salaries.

Gratefully, there are many opportunities available which offer high-pay jobs with fairly high salary.

Software engineer: The job of a software engineer involves very less stress. The work of a software engineer is to design and test different types of software like operating systems, games and applications. Adding to this, a software engineer can also work from home because only a computer and an internet connection are required for his work. This minimizes the stress on the employee.

Besides, software engineers have a very high demand in the Information Technology sector. Hence, they get steep salaries approximately ranging from $55,000 to $130,000 in a year.

Massage Therapist: People choose massage therapy as a very relaxing and low-stress career option. Massage therapists are self-employed. They have a chance to listen to the pleasing background music and enjoy beautiful aromas as they work.

Massage therapists generally charge on hourly basis. On an average they earn $10 to $35 in an hour.

Since many of these massage therapists work part-time, they earn around $45,000 in a year. Massage therapists can make quick money in less time.

Executive Chefs: Ensuring sufficient food supply, smooth functioning of the kitchen, preparing menus and making good and healthy food is the responsibility of the head cook in any restaurant. The job of a head cook requires about 10 to 24 months of training and education.

Generally, cooks have to work only for few hours in the afternoon and evening. They work in lunch and dinner hours.

The job of a head cook is interesting and it gives the opportunity of doing creative work. A head cook with proper training can earn around $42,000 in a year.

Interior Designers: Interior Designing is a very exciting and challenging career option. An interior designer needs to have a good sense in designing and imagination. It is the best career option for individuals who are creative and good at implementation of ideas.

An interior designer makes houses and work places comfortable. Generally they work only at a few sites simultaneously.

An interior designer earns approximately $50,000 to $65,000 in a year.

Event Organizing: Event Organizing is another competitive occupation which fetches fat fish. Event organizers are responsible for every element of the event from start to end. Some official training is required to get recognition as an event organizer. The initial shows should establish the credibility of the organizer so that he can get good contracts in the future.

Secondly, event organizers have the opportunity of meeting inspirational personalities and celebrities in the course of their job.

A renowned organizer can grab $45,000 to $60,000 initially.



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