5 Eateries you may have never visited in Pune (but should)

Puneites take pride in knowing their food. The city is home to every popular chain and every type of cuisine possible. But the popular places have overshadowed the smaller and less known restaurants of the city. Some of you may know these places, most of you may not. Here is my pick of five hidden gems in the city that you should visit at least once. These are the places that show the diversity of the restaurants in Pune.

1. China Park (Lane 7,Koregaon Park): 5-EateriesThis quaint little restaurant has been around for many years now and is a favorite of its regular patrons. As the name suggests, this place serves some of the best and most varied Chinese cuisine and very reasonable rates(A meal for two with starters and desserts should not be more than a total of Rs.300-400). A place that competes with the top Chinese joints in terms of quality of food, this place is a must visit for the jaded Mainland China and Chinese Room patrons. A great place for Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians.

Personal recommendations: China Park Chicken, Garlic Burnt Rice, Banana Toffee with Ice Cream)

2. The Terrace (Brahma Estate, NIBM Road): Not exactly an unknown place, but most people who have heard of it may have never visited it for a variety of reasons. A hookah joint which serves drinks which won’t burn a hole in your pocket, this place should be a no-brainer for the hookah lovers who want to enjoy their drinks too. But moreover, The Terrace serves some of the best food you can eat in Pune, this is a place you must visit for a great ambience with great service too. Although a little scant on the veg. menu, it will cater to everyone’s tastes.

Personal recommendations: Masala Papad, Mutton Kabab, Butter Chicken.

3. Poore Poor Kolhapur (Karishma Complex, Kothrud): Authentic Kolhapuri cuisine in Pune, you ask? And the answer is a firm ‘YES’. The entire setup screams of a typical Maharashrian joint, and in the best possible way. Tables have been set up as benches, the furniture is purposely misshapen to give it as authentic a feel as possible. And we haven’t even come to the most authentic part, the food. The lack of variety in the menu is made up for by the most mouthwatering food you could eat for less than two hundred rupees a head. You have a choice of items, which have a serving of chapatti, rice, a chicken or mutton dish of your choice and of course, the quintessential Pandhra and Tambda Rassa(which in usual Kolhapuri style, is unlimited). This place is a must visit for anyone who enjoys spicy Kolhapuri food or someone who’s willing to experiment with their taste buds. You will not regret this. Although vegetarians are suggested to steer clear.

Personal recommendations: Mutton Kheema, Chicken Tangdi.

4. Punjabi Dhaba (Next to Symbiosis, Viman Nagar): As the name suggests, the décor of the place is exactly like a typical Punjabi Dhaba with mouthwatering food to match. Everything from lassi to chicken and paneer dishes to even the rotis are made to taste as authentic as possible. A great place for a filling and easy on the pocket lunch with very generous quantities. A perfect place for both vegetarians and non vegetarians.

Personal recommendations: Patiala Lassi(which is a meal by itself), Butter Chicken, Garlic Naan.

5. Jashn (Salunkhe Vihar): A very popular place among the pool loving youngsters of the area, Jashn is part of this list for a very distinctive reason, it is literally open for twenty four hours a day. A very common hookah and pool joint, most people don’t know it serves some really good food as well, especially if you’re out late at night and are looking for something to eat. Jashn has a wide assortment of Chinese and Indian Dishes, both very tasty and again very affordable. Jashn does face the occasional problem of the police shutting the place down at night, but the worst case scenario is that you have to leave the place very rarely. But these incidents are far and few between. Over all this is a great place to visit after those late night parties.

Personal recommendations: Manchow Soup, Chicken Tandoori, Triple Fried Rice



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  1. Poore Poor Kolhapur has lost its taste yaar , Tiranga is better than that .

    • Ashish Sharma says:

      Yes Amit you are right. Tiranga at Paud Road is always better option then purepur kolhapur

      • There are many good options available to Poore Poor, Better go to Sugran’s kolhapur in Sadashiv peth.
        Poore poor has realy lost taste.

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