5 EASY Tips to Treat Mild Acne..

Almost everybody, yes even the ‘supermodels’ , suffer from acne at some stage in life. If you re lucky, it could be the occasional pimple in high school. But for some, the acne-monster strikes in their 20’s.
Some cases are acute and truly need medical attention..but a lot of cases are treatable with the most basic skin care regimes.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize.

The absolute basics. Use a deep cleanser and use it REGULARLY. Wash your face thoroughly with luke warm water, and then proceed with the toning.
Non-alcohol base toners work best as they don’t dry out the skin. Use liberally with a cotton pad.
Finally, moisturise with a non-oily face moisturizer.


Drink PLENTY of this wonder liquid. Keep sipping on water in the form of fresh fruit juices, nimbu paani or herbal green teas all day.

A Good quality clean up.

This is something you can’t do at home. But its quite necessary. Find a good beauty salon, and get a basic clean up atleast once a month. Getting rid of the debris and black heads in time could keep those pimples away!

Shampoo More Regularly

If you have acne along your hairline or on your forehead. This type of acne is due to a build up of fatty acids.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise reduces stress and increases oxygen supply to
your skin, giving you a healthy, glowing face.



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