5 Dinner meals to make you sleep

Food coma is a state of drowsiness after eating heavy foods or certain kinds of food. Nowadays , sleeping problems are becoming very common. We all know that overeating or eating heavily can put us off to sleep in seconds. But all of us are looking for a healthier and viable option.If you have a problem of insomnia and you’re looking for dinner options that can put you into such a food coma , listed below are the top 5 dinner meals that can help you achieve this.

1. Turkey sandwich
A slice of turkey between two slices of bread.Wonder why you always feel drowsy after a thanksgiving dinner ? That’s because turkey is loaded with tryptophan which is an amino acid that helps regulate your sleep cycle. Turkey is on the top of the list for foods recommended to cure insomnia. Moreover bread is a starchy carbohydrate with a high glycemic index  and can thus adds to the tryptophan level.

2. Pasta with butter and cheese
Well cooked pasta in butter topped with any type of cheese.Pasta again is carbohydrate rich while the butter and cheese add to the glycemic level.  Cheese is considered to be one of the “trigger” foods that can help you snooze effortlessly.Also all dairy products

3. Rice with potato curry
Rice with potato curry or even mashed potatoes.Rice ( especially brown rice ) is rich in tryptophan and carbohydrates. Rice is said to take your blood sugar really high and immediately drop it. This is why it makes you drowsy. Potato , one of the king of carbohydrates can induce an amino acid called Serotonin, which also causes sleep.Jasmine rice is also considered an excellent option.

4. Cereal with honey and almonds
Any type of cereal topped with honey and slivers of almond.Cereal again is a carbohydrate and this drizzled with honey will guarantee anyone to hit the bed. The high glycemic index of cereal and honey together can give you a sugar rush making you sluggish and sleepy.Almonds contain magnesium which promotes sleep and proteins that maintain a stable blood sugar level while sleeping.

5. Any seafood dish
Any type of seafood ESPECIALLY shrimp , cod and tuna.These omega3 rich foods have high  tryptophan levels and will ensure a good night’s sleep. Some dinner ideas are soups , salads or even curries.

According to  age old advices,Warm milk with any of the above meals is a sure knocker. This stimulates melatonin and serotonin which has a calming effect and puts you to sleep. Cherry juice or a glass of wine is also another good option.Cherries boosts the body’s supply of melatonin and so does wine.




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